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Bird feeders and houses offering bird living a new dimension


Hummingbird (Photo credit: Amyn Kassam)

You provide your loved ones with complete shelter and facilities to live happily and safely. Same applies when you plan to have a pet at your place. Yes, you heard it right! You need to give the same love and care to your pets.

Nowadays, people are accepting birds as their pets. People are happy crafting bird’s hub in their backyard. You love listening beautiful and cheerful bird chirps in the morning.

Moreover, kids love to play with birds and can learn many interesting things from them. You can add many beautiful moments with your family in your backyard and would love to watch your kids playing with the birds.

However, one of the most important aspects is to provide your bird proper shelter and care. You can give them their beautiful and adorable bird house and feeder.

Birds are easy to care and you just have to clean their houses and feeders. Birds are naturally hygienic and are always preening their feathers.  So, if you are looking or quizzed about a service provider who will provide you with the finest bird houses and feeders, then you do not have to worry anymore. (more…)

15 Seeds- Large bulb shape Gourds- This bottle-shaped gourd is perfect for making birdhouses! UNTREATED SEEDS

Birdhouse gourds make great birdhouses. Once cured, these hard-shelled gourds will last indefinitely and can be painted, carved, cut, or drilled as you would do with wood for literally hundreds of craft projects. They can be made into pots, planters, bowls, toys, and even hanging baskets. The 15′ to 35′ vines can be grown along the ground or up a VERY STURDY trellis or fence. Crop time is 140 days.

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Newly Opened My Birdhouses Delivers the Best in Outdoor Bird Items

Gettysburg, PA (PRWEB) July 08, 2012

Birds are truly special creatures, and it is no wonder why so many people enjoy watching them and caring for them. In fact, it is quite popular to turn an outdoor space into a place where birds can come and grab a snack or take a dip in a birdbath. One brand new store currently celebrating its grand opening is the go-to place for all kinds of lovely birdhouses, bird feeders and more. Bird Sweet Birdhouses, established earlier this year by entrepreneur Kelly Funt, is stocked with quality birdhouses, durable hummingbird feeders and attractive birdbaths. It is a true one-stop shop for all things bird related.

Bird Sweet Birdhouses is now available to shoppers at any time of day via the Internet at This easy-to-use site offers a wide selection of bird products perfect for any garden, yard or patio. Even for those shoppers who might be inexperienced with web shopping, this web store proves to be user friendly and convenient.

Bird Sweet Birdhouses features an incredible selection of bird feeders, birdbaths and hummingbird feeders. Shoppers will be impressed by the wide array of designs and styles they find at the store, as well as the everyday low prices it offers. For quality birdhouses and more, no other store can beat the bargains at the newly opened Bird Sweet Birdhouses.

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