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Living in a Mountain Paradise, with Hummingbirds

Each of us has our own idea of what constitutes paradise. But of those who have experienced life at Cullasaja Club in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, almost everyone agrees that it comes pretty close.

Located near Highlands, NC, a summer resort and health resort town dating back to the 1880s, Cullasaja Club, one of the finest of private NC Golf Clubs, is a small private community with fewer than 300 homes. With easy access to every amenity and the quiet and security of a friendly, closely knit community, Cullasaja residents and visitors can relax amidst stunning mountain views and simply enjoy nature and the company of friends and family.

Ruby-throated hummingbirds nest in the area, and with the natural, forested environment, they can be seen hovering around feeders or just flitting through the beautiful grounds and gardens. Nature walks in the forest, great views from the golf course, and the way houses are nestled into the wooded terrain allow for lots of sightings of hummingbirds and other beautiful birds and wildlife.

The whole area is prized for its spectacular waterfalls, hiking trails, national forest, and the extraordinary variety of animal and plant species. The clean air and pleasant climate add to the many pleasures of outdoor activities. Golf course, tennis courts, and the lovely Cullasaja Country Club provide for an active life, playing and visiting with friends.

One of the visual pleasures of this community nestled in the woods and mountains is the distinctive architecture of the clubhouse and dwellings. Designed to be casual and charming, the style blends well with the natural surroundings and provides a welcoming image of comfort and hospitality.

A fitness and wellness staff provides guidance for personal training and health, including seasonal activities such as biking, hiking, and kayaking. The staff includes massage therapists as well as certified trainers.

The club offers group activities, such as bridge, dance classes, mah jongg, and healthy cooking classes by the club’s noted chef. There is also a kid’s club, and of course the swimming pool is always popular. The yacht club (including canoes and kayaks) offers easy access to the pristine waters of Ravel Lake.

Surrounded by beautiful views and forests, the community at Cullasaja is a perfect natural home for hummingbird watchers, hikers, golfers and others to enjoy nature in the company of family and like-minded friends, new and old—while living in perhaps the closest place to paradise on Earth. Visit and see for yourself. You may never want to leave.

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