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A Tampa car title loan company that makes the process quick and easy.

A Tampa car title loan company that makes the process quick and easy.

Being the manager of an auto parts and repair shop here in Tampa I was sure that I knew everything about cars. Well, I had no idea that a car title loan was actually a viable and safe option if you need a loan quickly for some unforeseen emergency. You have all of the old Mafioso tough guy type companies in your mind whenever you’re thinking about payday or auto title loans. Well, the company that one of my employees, Danny found couldn’t have been nicer when they found out the bond that this guy got himself into.

Danny was searching for a Tampa car title loan when he came across a company called Rapid Auto Loan. They’re in a few other cities here in Florida and from a quick check of online reviews it seems like they’ve got a staff that works hard to keep a good reputation. Something that seems pretty rare in this type of business.

As my curiosity got the best of me and since I didn’t have to be the guinea pig, I figured I would listen up and stick around as my employee went through process. I honesty couldn’t believe how easy and painless the process was. I thought for sure that because he was an auto repairman that they would put him through the ringer looking at his credit history. Nope couldn’t be further from the truth. First it was simply filling out an online application. He quickly got approved and literally got the cash that he needed the next day. Over the course of the month he paid the loan back and later got his car title back. It really surprised me how well it worked.

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