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Moving’s Tough

Contribution by Stevie Kirby

Moving has been the biggest challenge I think I’ve ever faced. I thought I was going about it the right way – I talked to a real estate agent in Texas, hired movers, even started packing well over a month in advance, but there are some things you just can’t plan for. I spent time online at sites like looking into my new utility providers and I talked to the trash company that serviced my neighborhood about the large pickup I’d have once I unpacked all my boxes. I basically thought I was doing everything right but at the end of the day I ended up having a moving nightmare! First of all, the movers dropped my dining room table on the way out of my old house, snapping a leg off and basically ruining it. So that was fun. Then they got LOST on the way to Texas which meant that I didn’t have half of my stuff for the first full day once I got there, including my box with all my shower supplies and clean clothes for the weekend! Once they got to my new house I realized the driveway was too small for the truck to fit so they ended up having to carry everything all the way up the walk which is about 200 yards. They were not too happy about that one. And of course, since they were so tired from the long walk they dropped my couch as they were getting to the door and left a big gash in the side of that. Did you know that even with moving insurance you’re not really covered for stuff like that? Anyway, I’ve got to buy two new relatively expensive pieces of clothing which is not going to be fun and I now have to get the smell of mover sweat out of everything I own. Who would have thought moving would turn into such an unbelievable hassle?

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