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Eat LIke a Hummingbird for Your Health and Slimness

The great boxing champion Mohammed Ali once advised, “Float like a hummingbird; sting like a bee.” Better advice for most of us would be to eat like a hummingbird.

You may assume that hummingbirds live on flower nectar and sugar syrup, but the truth is that the mainstay of their diet is spiders. Eewww, right? But there’s a good reason for that: Spiders are high in protein. Hummers need that to build and sustain the tiny muscles that allow them to fly and hover so gracefully.

Hummingbirds use a lot of energy. They have a high, fast metabolic rate, so they drink nectar to provide extra energy, but it burns right off. We should be so lucky! For us that simple sugar would mostly be turned to fat.

Like the hummingbird, we should base our diet on protein. Unlike them, we should keep the carbs to the minimum if we want to lose fat.

Also, like the hummingbird, we should keep our metabolism revved up by staying active. You don’t have to do extreme exercise or run marathons, but you do need to keep the blood pumping.

Taking the stairs a few times a day, parking farther away, riding your bike around the neighborhood, for example. Whatever you do, don’t sit down all the time.

Mainly, though, the easiest way to slim down and be more healthy is to cut way down on simple carbohydrates (sugars and simple starches) and eat more spiders—-oops, I mean protein, including high-protein vegetables.

On a low carbohydrate diet, moderate amounts of fats are OK, because your body need some fat to operate properly. Foods like olive oil, avocados, and butter are actually good for you in moderation. Fried foods, of course, not so much.

There is no need to go hungry or to get bored either. You can choose from a huge variety of delicious low carb diet foods. Eating a variety of foods provides more balanced nutrition, keeps you from feeling deprived, and gives you lots of energy.

So you can float like a hummingbird—even if you don’t want to sting like a bee.

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