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We have added a new feature to this blog. We’ve made it easy to share your experiences with hummingbirds by submitting a guest post with your name as author.

You’ll notice there is a new tab at the top of every page, called Share Your Hummingbird Story.

When you click on the tab, you are taken to a page with a form where you can type or paste your article and read the rules for submission.

Once you submit your article, the editor will review it, possibly edit it slightly and (usually) approve it within a few days. (Sorry, we are a very small staff and super busy.)

After approval. your guest post will appear on the blog with your name as author.

Right now we have no way to accept your photos, but you can put links in your article to a few of your photos on the web (on your website, on Flickr, or wherever).

We are looking for a good way for you to include photos and/or videos directly in your guest post. When we find one, we’ll announce it here and on the Share Your Hummingbird Story page.

Thanks for reading Hummingbird Lore.

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