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Watching Hummingbirds from Indoors? Get Your A/C a Tune-Up for the Summer Heat

Many hummingbird watchers love to drink their morning coffee and evening cocktails outdoors to watch the hummingbirds gathering round their feeders in the cooler morning hours and the long light summer evenings. But down here in the South it’s getting just plain hot in the afternoons.

As the summer really heats up, many of us just have to retreat indoors to escape the heat, humidity and mosquitos. There is a time for air conditioning, and it is right about now.

Down where I live we tend to stay indoors as much as possible till early October, because along the Gulf Coast September is considered a summer month. In the summer evenings we mostly watch the hummingbirds from inside, where it’s cool.

If you live in a place where it gets just awfully hot in the summer—and stays that way for awhile—you know what I mean. The heat can be deadly, especially for the very old, the very young, and people with certain health conditions or who take certain medications that make them more sensitive to the heat. Even if they would rather be outside with the hummingbirds, they just can’t afford to risk their health to do it.

So we watch our hummingbirds through the windows and rely heavily on our air conditioning. Once a year we call in the experts to check the coolant levels and give our A/C a tune-up before the worst of the summer heat. That saves energy in the long run and keeps our life-saving cooling system from wearing out too quickly and giving out at the height of the summer (something that is practically a phobia in some parts of the US—and for good reason).

Wherever you live, if you haven’t had your air conditioning looked at this season, you really should call a good A/C company to check it. Later in the season it could be hard to get onto their schedule just when you need A/C the most.

If you live in Florida, for example, you can call E.D.S., get your A/C checked and tuned up for summer, and then relax, and watch those hummingbirds outside your windows while sipping a cold drink in cool comfort. And E.D.S. also does commercial A/C service, so you can be cool and comfortable at work, too.

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