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The Hummingbird Garden

Alexis discovers one of nature’s miracles!

Six-year-old Alexis and her parents have just moved from an apartment in the city to a home in the suburbs. While lying in the grass in her new backyard, Alexis is startled by a tiny flash of color darting by, heading for her neighbor’s yard. Peeking through a hole in the fence, she sees a wondrous sight. Her new neighbor’s backyard is filled with hundreds of beautiful flowers, and there are colorful glass balls hanging from some of the trees. But the most magical sight of all are the tiny, jewel-like birds flashing by, hovering in midair, and even flying backward!

This delightfully illustrated book will bring the world of hummingbirds to life as Alexis learns a valuable lesson about what sharing can accomplish.

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  1. leighal "kretz4law" says:

    wonderful This is a great read for children in the primary grades…who will relate to Tyler’s hesitancy/concerns about sharing..and Alexis’ reaction. My 7 year easily read the book and the story line. Lastly, the illustrations are inviting.

  2. connywithay says:

    Sharing a Hummingbird Garden Title: The Hummingbird GardenAuthor: Evelyn SchwarzIllustrator: Kitty QuinnPublisher: Outskirts PressISBN: 978-1-4327-9815-4The miniscule hummingbird is a wonderful and interesting creature. In Evelyn Schwarz’s “The Hummingbird Garden¸” not only are the intricacies of this tiny bird discussed but there is a lesson in friendship and compassion for God’s creations.In this thirty page, nine by nine inch paperback book, there is a simplistic drawing of a freckled faced, blond girl looking at a green humming bird with a purple background on the front cover. Photographs and description of both author and illustrator are on the back. Each sky blue background page inside has a colorful drawing depicted on the top half of the page and a highlighted paragraph of wording below it. The artwork is unpretentious and easy to understand, done in ink with water colors. Since there are no fearful or alarming scenes or sentences, this book would be ideal to be read to the young preschooler age, especially at bedtime. With the amount of sentences, it may be for the early elementary school age reader who understands more complex words.The tome is about six year old Alexis, who recently moves from an apartment into a home with a yard. When she is in her backyard, a small object catches her eyes and she follows it as it floats over the fence and into a neighbor’s property. Trying to see the unique thing, she peeks through a hole in the fence, only to be surprised by a beautiful garden with all the colorful flowers, bird feeders and many small, fluttering birds. Dragging her parents outside, she asks what the tiny animals that hover and even fly backwards are and learns they are hummingbirds.With the help of her parents and new neighbors, including Tyler their young son, Alexis and her family want to replicate a hummingbird garden too. However, Tyler is very afraid that all the hummingbirds in his yard will leave and go to the new garden. Alexis is sad for her new-found friend but they plant the garden anyway. The next day there are so many birds feeding and happy in both gardens. Alexis and Tyler are glad they learned to share their hummingbird gardens and become such good friends.This book is great for young children who want to observe nature and participate in feeding and caring for our world, especially the unique hummingbird. The story shows by working together and sharing, we not only make friends but can help our environment.

  3. Phyllis Charlton says:

    A great read aloud As an elementary school teacher I had the opportunity to do a read aloud with this book with my class. The kids loved the storyline and got the big idea .The illustrations are a nice compliment to the text.i highly recommend this book as a good read for all ages.

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