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The Hummingbird Book: The Complete Guide to Attracting, Identifying, and Enjoying Hummingbirds

The Hummingbird Book

The Hummingbird Book

Attract amazing hummingbirds to your backyard!

With this comprehensive, beautifully illustrated guide, you’ll find it easy to attract these tiny jewel-like birds to your own yard.

The Stokes Hummingbird Book provides all the information you need to bring hummingbirds up close, identify them, and understand their fascinating and varied behavior. The book includes:

* Range maps and full-color photographs to help you identify and locate hummingbirds

* Information on how to select the proper feeders, what to use in them, when to put them up, and when to take them down

* Advice on what flowers to plant to attract hummingbirds in your part of the country

* Amazing facts about hummingbirds, such as how fast they fly and how much they weigh

* Guidelines for photographing hummingbirds

* Complete information on hummingbird behavior, including flight displays, breeding habits, and feeding

* A special section on attracting orioles, with photographs and behavior guides for each of the eight species found in North America

* A resource list for hummingbird supplies.

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  1. Alejandra Vernon "artist & illustrator" says:

    a guide book for the hummer lover A great book for anyone who wants to attract and feed hummingbirds, it’s packed with all the basic information you’ll need, starting with choosing the right feeder for your area, the sugar solution to put in it, and the maintenance and cleaning of it, which the Stokes say: “We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to take feeder maintenance seriously”, as any mold or bacteria can be “risking the health, and possibly the lives”, of these jeweled wonders of the bird family…and they show you the easy steps to be taken to keep the feeders clean.

  2. Voni L Kiebel says:

    The Stokes stroke their stuff… I was so impressed with the depth of the study, and the over-all content of this book, and yet it is very comprehensive. I am a new Hummer-lover, and I definitely recommend this colorful book to the newcomer because it is so thorough. I was able to easily identify the species that visit my deck every morning, and discover the variety of flowers they prefer, and even predict their behavior. This book is a veritible wealth of information on common and rare Hummers that has made me appreciate these beautiful and delicate little creatures even more that I did before! What an awesome Creator we have!

  3. D. Blankenship says:

    A BOOK WELL WORTH OWNING – VERY HELPFUL! This work, like most of those by Donald and Lillian Stokes is well written, informative, useful and simply a joy to read. The subject here, of course, is Hummingbirds. The authors also do give us several very nice pages (6) addressing orioles, a common visitor to feeders. The photographs in this book are quite good and the authors actually tell and show us their technique of photographing these amazing creatures.Probably the most important chapter in this work is the one covering the types, maintenance and placement of the hummingbird feeder. Some of the other subjects well covered are creating Hummingbird habitat, Hummingbird gardening, nesting habits, flight behavior, amazing facts, Hummingbird myths and very importantly, the identification of these little creatures which are found here in North America. Each species is given due coverage and no area of the country is left out. I enjoyed the section devoted to the various kinds of flowers which are Hummingbird friendly. The Stokes have given us specific information here, seldom found in other volumes.As to the identification of the various species found here, the authors have given us a great over view of the eight major species, their range, habits, migration patterns and some wonderful photographs to help in identification. The hardcore birder will of course want additional field guides, as several species, usually found in small pockets along our southern border are not covered. This is not major flaw though, as most individuals that are very much into the hobby of birding, already have a trunk full of guides. The authors have also included a very nice section on other resources, books, videos, companies that provide feeders, etc.All in all, this is a very nice book to own and certainly one that you will want to add to your collection

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