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Stokes Select 38533 Clear Hummingbird Liquid Concentrate

Stokes Select Nectar contains no Artificial dyes. Developed with all-natural colors and natural flavors. Formulations in nectar found in flowers to attract more hummingbirds.

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  1. Jack Beggs "Music Is Life" says:

    DILUTED NECTAR – Bad Value – Poor Nectar This nectar may seem like a good value but it is NOT. Other Hummingbird nectar concentrates are typically mixed 1 part nectar to 3 parts water. And some use even less nectar when flowers are blooming. THIS nectar is mixed 1 part nectar to 1.6 parts water. So you need to use almost TWICE AS MUCH NECTAR with the same amount of water. This 32 oz. bottle yields only what 16 oz. of other concentrates yield. Also it contains NO vitamins or calcium that benefit the Hummingbirds. And finally, the instructions state that you have to put it in your refrigerator after you open it. There are definitely better choices.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is very reasonably priced, easy to mix with water, and the hummers LOVE it. You can mix a little sweet red cherry juice in it for color, but they love it plain.

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