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Schrodt CSH-F-R Crystal Spiral Hummingbird Feeder

Our beautiful glass faceted hummingbird feeders are one of our best sellers because of their brilliant colors and contemporary, artistic look. Finely crafted copper base allows hummingbirds to perch or hover while feeding through open cut sunlit ruby red flower ports. It is easy to fill and clean, leak free. Comes with nectar recipe.Our faceted glass hummingbird feeders have a patented design. Don’t let the copy-cats fool you. 12-Inch tall, 6-inch wide holds 16-ounce.

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  1. H. Ongaro says:

    Beatiful & Very Attractive to Hummers I have several glass Hummingbird Feeders and this is one of their favorites. They are attracted by the color and I’ve had as many as 7 Hummers feeding at one time at this feeder. They can sit and feed and hang out too, which they often do. It’s easy to clean with a brush and the bottom comes apart for simple, quick, and thorough cleaning. I have two.

  2. Magdalena VB "Maggie" says:

    poor quality The red lining came off just after a month of use. Looks like a simple glass half lined now. Not worth the price.

  3. Doug Fregolle says:

    Beautiful American quality! Beautiful. Quality. Hummingbirds LOVE it! This is my second feeder. The first lasted over six years! Will buy another one for my parents for Xmas.

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