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Red Carpet Studios Nature’s in Flight Hummingbird Spinner

Nature’s in Flight Spinner adds color and beauty to your home – indoors or out. Hangs 17″ long and is 11″ diameter at the widest point. Glass ball accent.

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  1. vincent says:

    hummingbird spinner The hummingbird spinner’s very cute and it’s a great price-I’ve seen it in the store for $60. It doesn’t spin as easily as some other spinners but you can buy a little rotating motor for that. I did, but I like it better without one. It’s been up for a couple months and has survived the rain and sun-still looks brand new.

  2. Thomas S. Barto says:

    Lovely, but This is a beautifully crafted wind spinner. The only drawback I see in it is the fact that it is rather “squatty” it hangs too high, and must be suspended from something else in order to enjoy it and to allow it to catch enough breeze to cause it to spin. Once it does, however, it is enchanting!

  3. J. P. Gordon says:

    really nice but what’s up with the colors? I have all three of the spinners….the other two are done in beautiful greens and blues,,,in the sun they are breath taking,,,,the butterfly is really nicely made but the colors are not attractive in sun or shade……the glass is brown and the butterflies are copper….I thought they were more purple but they do spin nicely…..if they changed the colors perhaps to red or pink it would be stunning…..dragonfly and hummers are gorgeous!

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