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Perky-Pet 8120-2 Green Antique Bottle Hummingbird Feeder

The Perky-Pet Green Antique Bottle Hummingbird Feeder will bring a classic touch to your yard and provide your tiny feathered friends with a tasty treat. This large capacity feeder holds 24 ounces of nectar to ensure that there will be plenty of nectar to go around. The metal base has for flower feeding ports with brushed silver accents. Cleaning is simple with the removable base and hanging is a breeze with the attached metal hanger. Remember to clean your feeder once every two weeks with a mild soap and water solution.

The Perky-Pet 24-oz. Green Glass Antique Bottle Hummingbird Feeder is one of Perky-Pet brand’s most popular decorative feeders used to attract hummingbirds. The elegance and style of the glass antique bottle, along with its brushed silver accents will add a touch of class to any bird lovers yard. This decorative style feeder is a breeze to fill and clean, just unscrew the bottle from the base – it’s that easy! Hummingbirds near and far will make this feeder a regular stop.

Perky-Pet Green Antique Bottle Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbirds love:

  • Bright, brushed silver accents
  • Shiny metal base
  • Red feeding ports
  • Consistently clean feeder filled with nectar

You’ll love:

  • Pure enjoyment and relaxation watching hummingbirds feeding right outside your window
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Ease of filling
  • Stylish look this feeder will add to your yard
Feeder specifications:
  • Dimensions 11.5″ x 5.5″ x 5.5″
  • All metal and glass feeder
  • 24 ounce capacity

Hummingbird Migration:
  • Hummingbirds migrate every year for variety and abundance of insects and flowering plants
  • Hummingbirds travel back to the tropics once the weather gets colder, or when their internal instincts alert them it’s time
  • Migration typically begins sometime in late February and ends in late September

Antique Bottle Hummingbird Feeders available from Perky- Pet:

Model # 8107-2 Model # 8108-2 Model # 8109-2 Model # 8117-2 Model # 8119-2 Model # 8120-2
10 oz. capacity 10 oz. capacity 16 oz. capacity 16 oz. capacity 24 oz. capacity 24 oz. capacity
Model # 8107-2 Model # 8108-2 Model # 8109-2 Model # 8117-2 Model # 8119-2 Model # 8120-2

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What criteria should I use when selecting a hummingbird feeder?

A. Make sure it is one that will be easy to clean and fill, especially since you will need to clean the feeder every few days. If you are worried about bees and wasps or ants invading the feeder, purchase a hummingbird feeder with bee guards.

Q. How do I clean my hummingbird feeders?

A. Hummingbird feeders need to be cleaned every 1-2 weeks. Use hot water and a bottle brush, along with mild soap; be sure to rinse thoroughly.

The Perky-Pet cleaning mop is specifically designed for the purpose of cleaning hummingbird feeders, and is very convenient to use. This cleaning mop can also be used on seed feeders and oriole feeders for those small, tight spaces that are difficult to reach.

Q. What is the importance of providing water for hummingbirds?

A. Hummingbirds need fresh, clean water just as much as they need nectar. Hummingbirds stay healthy by using water not just for drinking, but also bathing, cleaning their feathers and to remove parasites. Waterers are better options than bird baths because they provide hummingbirds with fresh, clean water that prevents dirt and debris from contaminating it. In hotter climates or seasons, providing water for hummingbirds makes it easy for them to have access to a water source and retain their energy.

Accessorizing Your Hummingbird Feeder:

Powdered Nectar Liquid Nectar Mop Ant Guard Waterer
Hummingbird Nectar Hummingbird Liquid Nectar Perky-Pet Cleaning Mop Perky Pet Ant Guard Waterer

Comparing types of Hummingbird Feeders:

Perky Pet Logo Traditional Feeder Top Fill Feeder Decorative Feeder Dish Style Feeder Large Capacity Feeder Window Mount Feeder
Type Traditional Top Fill Decorative Dish Style Large Capacity Window Mount
Bottom Fill X   X   X X
Top Fill   X   X    
Easy to Clean X X X X X X
Wide Mouth Opening   X   X    
Bee Guards X          
Ant Moat   X        
Perches Included included included not included not included included included
Glass X X X X X  
Plastic           X
Type of Flowers plastic soft metal glass plastic plastic

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  1. Nancy E. Turner "" says:

    Cute and kitschy, birds shun it, read on for edited review So far after three days hanging where a previous hummer feeder had been, the birds are avoiding this feeder in droves. They fly by, turn up their beaks and move on. Moved it to another location with red and gold hanging glass fixture nearby. Even worse results. Bottom line is that the glass bottle pleases people, not birds. The tray topper where the metal “flowers” are is dull in color, about like the photo looks, more gray than colorful, and I am at this moment making plans to paint it to perhaps attract a few.I will edit this review if things seem to change, but so far, if you want to attract hummingbirds, you’d be better off to spend a quarter of this price ($4.99 at last check) and get the gaudy plastic feeders from Wal-Mart.Three more days later, after painting the dark gray/green disk at the bottom a bright fire engine red, the hummers are enjoying this feeder!One very positive note – the green glass seems to keep the sugar water mixture clear and drinkable much longer than the cheap plastic ones. Perhaps it filters UV rays, perhaps glass is more sanitary. Either way, not wasting sugar, having to clean the thing out before the birds have had most of it is a very good thing. Last call is that I do like this feeder in many ways, but the dark gray simply did not attract the birds. I’ll definitely keep using it!

  2. the Peripatetic Gardener says:

    An attractive yard decoration… Perky-Pet is a well-respected name in the world of hummingbird watchers. I’ve been feeding hummers for a number of years and I still have my original little red plastic Perky-Pet feeder.The Perky-Pet Green Antique Bottle Hummingbird Feeder is attractive; and if you’re looking for an ornamental feeder, it’s a good one to consider. Many ornamental feeders are designed so that the sugar water inadvertently drips from the bottom of the feeder (many of these feature a plug or stopper that leaks or a feed port that drips). This P-P feeder has a bottle that screws into a bottom bowl; it does not leak.The ‘antique’ bottle is an attractive pale green, but unfortunately pale green is not a hummer’s favorite color; they like bright orange and red. So this feeder may work well in a yard already attracting hummers, but it’s not going to call out to the little birds. Adding a few red flowers to the feeder for a few days or placing it near a honeysuckle vine or other hummer attracter would help.The 24-ounce bottle is long and slim; a bottle brush is needed to keep the bottle clean; this is not included and must be purchased separately. And clean is important, as the P-P instructions suggests. Hummingbird feeders should be cleaned often, especially in hot weather. The well at the bottom of this feeder disassembles and is easy to clean.Hummers drink sugar water (1/4 cup sugar to 1 cup water, brought to boiling then stirred; cool and place in the feeder). Unfortunately sugar water also attracts ants and wasps. Ant guards can be purchased separately.The Green Antique Bottle feeder is an attractive addition to our yard. For a hummingbird feeder that attracts hummers and discourages wasps, I’ll take the Perky-Pet 221 Hummingbird Oasis 16-Ounce Hummingbird Feeder. It’s easy to clean and one of the best hummingbird feeders ever made. But this one is prettier.

  3. Passionate Reader says:

    Does the trick Spring is a magical time for me and the combination of flowers and birds coming to nest motivate me to get out of bed early and see what i can do in my yard to encourage more of both. This Perky Pet Humming Bird Feeder is a wonderful addition to my yard this year! Within a day of setting it up I had more hummingbirds then usual. Such a treat.The four most important things to look for in a feeder are:1. Beauty in the yard: The antique green bottle is fun and and a simple clean look in my yard.2. Function: The nectar is dispensing with ease and the birds keep coming back for more.3. Filling: Easy was easy to open and fill.4. Cleaning:The base is easy to clean – just remember to keep it filled or take it down and clean otherwise the sugar crystallize and can block the feeding tubes.All in all a great buy and addition to my back yard.

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