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More Birds Diamond Hummingbird Feeder, Glass and Plastic Feeder with 7 Feeding Stations, 30-Ounce Capacity

Diamond Hummingbird Feeder, 30-ounce capacity, glass and plastic feeder with 7 feeding stations. Wide mouth bottle for easy filling and cleaning, base disassembles for easy cleaning.

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  1. dnjmom says:

    BEST feeder to date BEST FEEDER to date, although it took 3 differnet shipments to finally receive one product undamaged at red base/perch!!! I contacted because of damaged red base/perch (amazon/ozbo did refund all $ but would not sent third shipment) and fortunately the CEO sent me two feeders for free (evethough I only needed the top portion of the red base/perch). Great customer service! I must say that my HUMMINGBIRDS love this feeder, I have had seven hummingbirds feeding at the same time with this feeder and have to refill every 3-4 days!Pros:-large mouth making it easy to clean-hard plastic bottom is two pieces (red top and clear bottom) and completely dissassembles for easy cleaning-holds 32 ounces!-does not leak in windy conditions-7 perches, not six-ant moatCons: (only including this so maybe one day the BEST EVER feeder will be made!)-plastic bottom (carcinogenic?)-clear glass, not red (so clear nector can be used, avoiding red dye)It comes with hook that i replaced with stainless steel s-binder to hangHope this was helpful to all 🙂

  2. birdlover says:

    best hummer feeder I’ve had and have several feeders but they all leak. Usually when it’s windy, but still can spring one at any time. This feeder does not leak. Seats 8 so there are plenty of seats for all. The hummers drink it down so fast I thought they were leaking also but happily, the little guys were just thirsty. The best feeder I’ve ever come across. Easy to clean due to the wide mouth, and simple design. No flowers that come off and get lost or broken. Getting 3 more and getting rid of two that are leaking so bad I have to replace the juice every day. Getting too spendy. Love this feeder and would recommend it to anyone living in a windy area.


    DIAMOND HUMMINGBIRD FEEDER this looked like a great feeder at first, but less than a year later the plastic on top rotted out and broke off and the feeder was shattered when it fell. if you own one of these feeders the best thing you can do is set up a strong wire through the hole on top, it will save your feeder .

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