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Hurricane Latern Hummingbird Bird Feeder

Our birdfeeders are definitely for the birds! Completely functional and decidedly decorative, these feeders are inspired by some of our favorite outdoor activities. All include a weatherproof seed refill door, drainage holes and are securely packaged in a peg-able decorative display box.

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  1. Matthew J. Molina Jr. says:

    I love them ,,, BUT must fix first! I bought two ,,, after I discovered problem / fix.Others have mentioned this BIG PROBLEM ,,, but they were very nondescriptive and I thought they were addressing the nectar bowl’s “cap” ,,, which is on the BOTTOM of the bowl ,,, HUH????Here’s the problem / fix:The two “flowers” are detachable and leak where they attach to the bowl.Simply glue the petals to the bowl. I used krazy-glue and let dry overnight ,,, WORKS GREAT!!!

  2. Bruce D. Moore "bruizer1" says:

    It Looks Nice This product was given as a gift and it looks nice as a gift. When it is put into actual use, you will find that the nectar through pressure, leaks out of the spouts. This can cause a problem with ants. If you put less nectar in the container, the pressure drops and less with leak out. That will also draw from the attractiveness of the product. Anything that is half-filled looks a little uncared for. Its nice but you might want to invest in something better.

  3. savinggrace "savinggrace" says:

    Attractive Feeder I had no problems with this feeder. It looks great hung on my palm tree. I like the size of the container, because it is about 1 cup worth of nectar. I took off the wires that cross over the globe because they served no purpose and made it harder to put the globe in. It did not leak. The only time I lost nectar was when the winds got up to 25 MPH and rocked it back and forth.

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