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Hummzinger Excel Hummingbird Feeder

Hummzinger Excel Hummingbird Feeder

143 Features: -Generous 16 ounce capacity with six feeding ports.-Made of clear polycarbonate, the feeder is easy to clean.-Built-in ant moat deters crawling insects from getting to the nectar.-Easily hung or post mounted.-Six feeding ports.-Lifetime guarantee.-Dimensions 2″ H x 9″ W x 9″ D.

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  1. Tim says:

    Excellent feeder from a hummer friendly company! This feeder is simply the best for all the reasons such as ease of cleaning, durability in construction and overall design.-PROPER CLEANING IS A MUST-The Hummzinger Excel by Aspects Inc. is the easiest to clean feeder that I have ever owned. Unlike the inverted bottle style feeders this feeder has no recessed or unreachable places that will harbor mold and bacteria. This feeder is simply three parts, the red top that is basically flat on the underside, the bowl like basin and a metal hangar. Cleaning is simple and requires only removing the top and flushing the top and basin out with hot water. DO NOT use soap, as hummers can taste the residue! This cleaning should be done every three or four days (more often if in a warmer climate or if mixture becomes cloudy or has black specks). Once a month soak the feeder top and basin in a mixture of 1/4-cup bleach to one gallon of water. Soak for one hour then rinse thoroughly with hot water. Dry and refill.-What to feed? -DO NOT BUY COMMERCIALLY AVAIALBLE NECTAR. It’s a complete waste of money and they are NOT PROVEN SAFE for hummingbirds. Hummingbirds only need (from us) the sugar/water mixture that is one part CANE sugar (sucrose) to four parts water. This is a very close reproduction of natural flower nectar. Natural flower nectar is mainly water and natural sugars like sucrose and/or glucose, among some other trace sugars and elements. The other nutrients hummingbirds’ need they get from catching small bugs like gnats and spiders. The sugar/water syrup recipe is stamped on the underside of the Hummzinger’s lid for reference. Mix well until all the sugar is dissolved then fill your feeder. Commercial mixes contain many unneeded chemicals and red dye that has not been tested for safety in regard to hummingbirds. Don’t risk them and save your money!-Is the Hummzinger durable? -Yes, constructed of UV stable polycarbonate and backed with a LIFETIME GAURANTEE the Hummzinger will last a lifetime. The thick plastic components of the Hummzinger are unbreakable and there is NO plastic snap on flowers to worry about. The metal hangar screws into the basin in the middle and is quite strong. No more hanging by wires that can become brittle and break.-What other features does this feeder have? -1) Durable construction of unbreakable UV stable polycarbonate plastics that will not fade in the sun. However to avoid syrup spoilage hang the feeder in the shade.2) Comes with a metal hangar or is post mountable.3) Built in ant moat with overflow drain channels, just fill with some water and hang. TIP: Only fill about half way if hanging the feeder. This will keep the water from dripping out the drain ports if you bump the feeder hanging it, like I do!4) Solid one-piece top with raised flowers (no snap on flowers) that divert rainwater away from the six feeding ports so the syrup will not dilute.5) 16-ounce capacity with syrup level scale on the side of the basin (4, 8, 12 and 16 ounce marks). Do not overfill!6) All around perch that my hummers love to use. I have attracted five to feed all at once!7) Saucer like shape makes this feeder very stable when hanging in high wind. Mine hangs about four feet and even during strong storm winds the Hummzinger barely moves. My old inverted bottle feeder would swing madly and even broke free one day!8) Bee/Wasp proof by design! The Hummzinger is bee/wasp proof because the feeding ports sit up above the top surface of the sugar water solution. Hummers have no problem reaching the food but the shorter insect tongues cannot reach the goodies!9) Lifetime guarantee.10) Made by a company that does not make commercial nectar. This is also why I support Aspects Inc. not only because of the exceptional design and construction of the Hummzinger line, but also their dedication to the health of Hummingbirds by NOT offering products such as nectar, which are NOT proven SAFE for hummingbirds. They are concerned with the birds, not their profits and it shows because they do NOT make nectar and produce the best feeders available!This truly is the BEST feeder for ALL the reasons!

  2. John Trahan says:

    Hummzinger 16oz Before purchasing the HummZinger I researched various feeders. I was in the market for a feeder that attracted more birds and less bees. The general design of this feeder keeps the nectar in the feeder and makes it harder for the bees to enjoy themselves. I have both the 8 oz and 16oz models and can say both my humming birds and myself enjoy it much more than my older feeders.

  3. sh "hummer fan" says:

    Works Great! I purchased the Hummzinger Excel because we were having a problem with bees getting in the feeder we had. I bought a feeder with bee guards on it, but the bees were still able to push through the bee guards and get the hummingbird food. The bees can’t get to the hummingbird food with the Excel, so they haven’t been around. The only con with the Excel is it only holds 16 oz of food. I wish it held a little more because we have a lot of hummingbirds, and I sometimes have to fill it every day. Other than that, it’s working great.

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