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Hummingbirds w/Pink Garden Flag

Hummingbirds w/Pink Garden Flag 12-1/2 by 18

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  1. Misty Propps "Full time granny" says:

    Toland Company Flags are the Best!! This company sure does know how to design beautiful garden flags. The quality is great and they look like a work of art. I am thrilled with the products, think passerby’s also love to see view them.

  2. ~ Z ~ says:

    Beautiful Just like someone had commented in their review, this flag looks just like a work of art. Made of high quality durable material to resist fading and mildew. Made to survive all seasons. The colors are soft looking and at the same stand out to anyone who sees it. Use it with . Flag also comes with an canvas like tab that hides and secures to the clip of the flip pole to ensure flag stays in place.

  3. ~~Hummingbirder~~ "Call me hb" says:

    Get Some Pop! Its colors are so vivid, the product photo doesn’t do it justice. The flowers, and the hummingbirds’ throats are a bright, hot pink; almost a fuschia color. The blues, greens, and yellows are clear and intense.A friend sent this flag to me in the small size. Even in a large yard, far from the street, this flag gives a happy pop of color that draws the eye.I love Toland flags. They’re sturdy, well-made, and last many seasons. This flag is wonderful for adding a bit of pink to your outdoor decor. You can’t go wrong with it.

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