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Hummingbirds Stickers (Dover Little Activity Books Stickers)

Hummingbird Car Charm

Hummingbird Car Charm

This exciting sticker collection includes full-color portraits of a flock of nature’s smallest and most brilliantly colored birds.

Nineteen varieties of hummingbirds — all realistically posed — include the streamertail, Costa’s hummingbird, crimson pella, booted racket-tail, plovercrest, blue-tufted starthroat, and 13 other exotic species.

Sure to delight bird lovers and sticker fans.

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  1. Rachel N says:

    BEAUTIFUL I love how vivid and bright these stickers are, as well as the excellent quality. They arrived quickly and as described, they’re thick and stay put. I recommend it!

  2. Julianne M. Bates "Grasshopper" says:

    Great little sticker book Very nice stickers, but I do wish they were close cut instead of having white space in the background. Need to be trimmed if using for any type of collage work.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The guide, naming each of the hummingbirds, is very helpful.There is a total of 19 stickers: five stickers on each of the three pages andfour stickers on one page.They are from one to three inches in size.

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