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Hummingbird Watching with Golf and Beach Club

If you love hummingbirds, you want to be able to watch them from your windows every day—not just on occasional walks in the woods. Many people choose to live where they can watch hummingbirds while having their morning coffee, eating lunch, having cocktails on the balcony—or just anytime during the day.

Why not also choose a place that has other amenities to entertain family and guests throughout the night as well as the day? Golfing, swimming, spa, fine dining, tennis, fitness club, beach club, and other activities are all part of life at the Orchid Island Golf and Beach Club at Vero Beach, Florida.

Kids interrupting your morning meditation on the wonders of hummingbirds? Send them to take tennis lessons. Guests eager to chat when you have work you have to get done? Send them to the spa, the beach, or the fitness club to work off some of that excess energy.

If there’s a golfer in your family, he or she will be delighted with the challenging and scenic golf course designed by Arnold Palmer. You’ll hardly ever see them before dinnertime.

One of the great things about the beautiful Florida climate of the Vero Beach area is that golf, tennis and other outdoor activities can be enjoyed almost all year long—even on warm winter days. One of the other joys of the area is the ease of attracting hummingbirds.

Hummingbirds love the glorious tropical gardens, and you can easily attract them to your own window or balcony by hanging hummingbird feeders and keeping them clean and well supplied. A few pots of hummingbird-attracting flowering plants, such as butterfly bush, will also help bring them close enough to watch easily from indoors.

So when you are thinking about moving to a place where you can surround yourself with hummingbirds, you might want to think about Real Estate Vero Beach, where hummingbirds and humans can flourish together in semitropical beachside splendor.

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