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Of all the beauty a garden can cultivate, nothing equals that of the hummingbird. Little wonder that millions of North Americans attempt to attract these spunky birds to their gardens. Hummingbird Gardens provides how-to information on feeders, plant combinations, and garden design. It showcases the continent’s 20-plus hummingbird species. By breaking North America into six regions, the authors give tips that are tailored for gardeners in all parts of the United States and Canada.

A guide full of sensible and easy to follow advice for gardeners in all parts of the country who want to experience the magic of hummingbirds in their garden. Hummingbird Gardens provides specific recommendations for the best varieties of flowers to plant in order to attract the elusive creatures, while integrating gardening ideas and designs with an informative introduction to the general habits, including migrating and nesting patterns, of hummingbirds.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A wealth of informative text and spectacular photos. Long, long ago – experience taught me the smoothest way through life is to “never make recommendations to anybody about anything.” Sam and I have learned to qualify those don’t-miss-it things encompassing: great places to eat, visit, read, watch, etc. For example, we now say, “The food was great the night we were there,” or “You would love the movie if you enjoy such-and-such.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    An excellent resource Including information from real-life hummingbird gardeners around the U.S., this book will be useful to virtually anyone in North America who’s trying to create backyard habitat for these fascinating birds. The main shortcoming of this book is in the depth of coverage of the plants, particularly photos. There were not enough showing an entire plant (though more than enough of the birds themselves), and the one feeder illustrated contained dyed sugar water (a no-no and contradictory to the text). Novice hummingbird gardeners should cross-reference the plant names with national and regional gardening guides for photos and cultural information such as size and temperature tolerance.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful and Informative This book has incredible photographs and gobs of information about these amazing creatures. It’s an unabashed sales-job to get you to become a hummingbird gardener. (That’s not a bad idea!)

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