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Hummingbird Garden

Hummingbird Garden book

Hummingbird Garden book

In The Hummingbird Garden, bird and gardening expert Mathew Tekulsky uncovers the simple steps any gardener can take to attract and enjoy one of nature’s most beautiful creatures. He introduces the reader to hummingbird habits and reveals the regions where they live and migrate.

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  1. Joseph H Pierre "Joe Pierre" says:

    How to attract hummingbirds to your garden

  2. D. Brown says:

    Great little book. This small, delightful book holds a wealth of information for the would-be hummingbird enthusiast. The author has included lists of plants and flowers which are attractive to the tiny creatures, organizations of interest, as well as an extensive bibliography. Well written, and enthusiastic in it’s presentation. Overall a great little book.

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