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Hummingbird Feeder Brush

Cleans walls and bottom of all feeders. Ergonomically designed handle makes cleaning easy.

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  1. Sheila Wilson says:

    Great product Brush works great for hummingbird feeder. Mine has 1/2″ openingand brush works! I recommend this product. Also received promptly!

  2. Online Shopper "Love to Worship" says:

    Excellent Tool This hummingbird feeder is perfect! Sturdy and functional, I’m so glad I bought it. The feeder I have has an opening too small for anything else to get into, but this brush takes care of any mildew that tries to take hold in the bottom. Love it!

  3. Ted J Wuebker says:

    Good and sturdy This is a sturdy brush and is longer than I expected (which can be good for longer bottles) but I would have liked it the best if it was a little more flexible to bend into tight hard to reach places.

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