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Homestead Oriole Nectar Liquid Concentrate

*16 oz.
*Grape Infusion
*Makes 112 fluid oz.
*Calcium added to ensure
successful egg hatching
*Resealable container
*Only mix what you need
*Always stays fresh
*Fortified with vitamins
*Just add water
*No boiling
*No premixing
*No mess

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have been using this product for two years. The orioles love it. It is easy to mix and the concentrate does not need to be refrigerated. I stored an opened package over the winter and it was fine to use this spring. I like it because it contains calcium and it does not appear to use high fructose corn syrup. I change the infusion weekly (2 x week in over 80 degree weather) and have not noticed any mold like I see using the powdered mix or home made hummingbird nectar.I plan to also purchase the orange flavor because I am not happy with the orange powdered mix I have been using. My oriole buffet offers this grape infusion, orange nectar, a corn syrup free grape jelly brand name BirdBerry Jelly and fresh oranges and grapes. My highlight was having 3 orioles on my oriole buffet at the same time. WOW!

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