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Homestead 32 oz Hummingbird Clear Nectar Concentrate (Liquid) – 4372

4372 — Homestead’s Hummingbird Clear Nectar Concentrate is a liquid that you add water to, no boiling required. This nectar produces an all-natural formulation designed to attract birds. Calcium has been added to ensure successful egg hatching. Our sturdy plastic bottle eliminates a sticky mess to clean up due to breakage in the store or at home. The container is also resealable, only use what you need. Different species of flowers produce different sugars, Homestead’s nectars have a blend of those sugars. Blended and bottled by Homestead.

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  1. Dianna Maya says:

    Love this Easy to mix and use. The hummingbirds love it and so do I! The best of all hectares I’ve tried.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am giving this product only 1 star because of the Seller. I could not believe it was only $9.50 so I purchased 3 immediately this August even though the shipping was $8.99. It wasn’t until I was almost finished with the 3rd bottle that I realized they sent me expired nectar already 6 months old. I still had the other bottles to recycle and they all had the same date of 2/13/2013. When I went back to see if they had made a mistake I saw that they raised the price by about 40% to $15.49 with free super savings shipping! This confirmed to me that they knew exactly what they were doing and needed to get rid of old merchandise but needed to make money so charged outrageous shipping fee. I feed hummingbirds because I care about them not to get the cheapest old product. Since this incident my wife and I make our own Organic food for our little friends, they’ve never been happier and we’ve never had more of them. Please be very careful when purchasing from this Seller and be sure to check your dates!!

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