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Homestead 2.5 lb Hummingbird Red Nectar Sugar Concentrate (Powder) – 4302

4302 — Homestead’s Hummingbird Red Nectar Sugar Concentrate is an easy to use sugar powder. It requires no boiling or premixing. It will dissolve instantly with no mess. The concentrate has calcium added to ensure successful egg hatching and is fortified with vitamins. Blended and packaged by Homestead.

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  1. Head of the Bay "Chesapeake Kat" says:

    Best easy to prepare food – Hummers love it This is pretty much the only product I buy any more if I am not making my own. Make sure you read the directions on the bag for the seasonal ratio of food to water. Hummers need far less in the hotter, non-migratory, part of the summer. In fact, I found the that the little folks like the lower concentrate more when lots of other flowers are blooming. The will feed more frequently. I love this stuff and make it in super big batches by the pitcher. Ant leftover stays in the fridge until needed. It’s just that easy!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a really good feed for the little hummingbirds. The red color seems to attract more birds and they can go through this food in nothing flat.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The product arrive on time and was just as advertised. The price I paid compared to local pricing was real good or a bargain. But the best part was the Hummers loved as well as the bee’s.

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