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Homestead 16 oz Nectar Gem Hummingbird Feeder (Traditional) – 4250

4250 — Homestead’s (Traditional) Nectar Gem Hummingbird Feeder has a 16 ounce nectar capacity. This feeder is a complete hummingbird feeding system that includes nectar, vitamins and calcium. This pre-measured and pre-filled in feeder also includes an ant and bee guard. This revolutionary hummingbird feeder destroys mold and other aerobic pathogens that enter the feeder through the birds beak. We appeal to the market segment that realizes that hummingbird nectar needs to be changed every 3 days for health reasons. We also appeal to both red and clear nectar customers because this bag is red and contains no colorants in the nectar. Our soft feel feeding port mimics nature and the positive pressure bag provides effortless consumption. Made in USA.

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  1. J. Weber says:

    did not work I loved the idea of these lively decorated bags – what could be easier to feed our hummingbirds? Regretfully, they did not seem to appeal to the birds at all. They would fly around it, some settled on the little perch, but no birds drank from them at all. I bought 6 of them, and after trying 2 in our usual hummingbird feeder locations I ended up emptying out the nectar from the remaining bags into the plain old feeders from the discount store, and our hummingbird friends were happy once again. I wish they worked, the idea is simple and the design charming. Maybe if the “flower” had a yellow center like the typical feeders do it might have made a difference.

  2. Second Soprano says:

    The birds don’t seem to get it. Well, I have now waited for a month for a hummingbird to drink some nectar. I saw one come and hover for a moment around it and fly away.I don’t think that the birds understand it any more than I do. How does the nectar come out? I’ve tried everything including sticking a pin into it pretending I am a hummingbird.Nuthin’Is it not opened properly? Is there a little secret valve in there that must be pushed?Manufacturer – Help us morons, please!!!!There are no instructions on it anywhere aside from the initial filling of the bag. The specialty bird store where I bought it doesn’t have a clue.

  3. Valiant S. Vetter says:

    Handle with Extreme Care – then – Wait and See I picked up couple o these free because the perches had broken off. They’re not attached very well (at all) and with ANY rough handling they WILL break off. (with a little care and a paperclip or small screwdriver heated over a flame, you CAN “weld” the perch back on.) The perch needs a re-design. (manufacturer, take note!)beyond that, the instructions are very sparse. “Unscrew the cap and fill with water” Only where it unscrews isn’t clear. How to unscrew it without tearing the foil bag takes some care. The thread is tight and the places to hold onto are not easy to find. I’m still not sure the syrup and water I added mixed well. (fill with water then shake? whe it’s “filled” – there’s no room to shake the contents!)Anyway, it’s out there and ready for the hummingbirds.What is still a mystery – is how the nectar comes out. With a “normal” hummingbird feeder, the rigid bottle/revervoir holds the nectar in by vacuum. Not so with the flexible container of this feeder. Is there a “valve” or the like to hold it in? Dunno. I can’t even find a manufacturer web site to look it up. (I looked under “[...]” which is what the package says.)I can’t recommend this item at this time. I *hope* it will work, but I have no reason to believe it will. The packaging didn’t help AT ALL. Sorry to be negative – but at “free” – I might have paid too much!

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