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Have Fun Buying Hummingbird Gear for a Song

Yeah, I know, hummingbirds don’t really sing—though they do make that loud humming noise when they fly. The point is that you can buy all kinds of things for hummingbird watching, hummingbird gardening, hummingbird art and jewelry, even hummingbird books, for pennies on the dollar. Where? At

Deal Dash is an online auction site that operates in a different way. It’s fast, fair and fun. All items they auction are new and highly desirable, like big flat-screen TVs, the newest, most deluxe models of IPad, and gift cards for America’s favorite stores.

You can buy items for just pennies on the dollar. You purchase a package of bids (sometimes as cheaply as 15 cents for each bid) and use them to bid on items you want. The auctions are all fairly short (great for quick gratification) and very fair.

After an auction runs for a little while, it is closed to additional bidders. So no one can swoop in at the last minute and spoil your fun. And if you don’t win an auction, you can immediately purchase the same product at regular price if you want to. Or join a new auction and try again.

I’ve seen a top of the line iPad go for $27 and $1000 Amazon gift card go for $78. Think of all the hiking and camping gear, camera equipment, gardening tools and supplies, hummingbird books and feeders and nectar and other hummingbird-related things you can buy with gift cards that you buy for just a few bucks.

So you can have more fun with hummingbirds and have more money for other things, too.

To find out more about how it all works, watch this short video on how to get great savings while having fun at Deal Dash.

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