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Esky® Solar Powered Outdoor Hummingbird, Butterfly & Dragonfly Garden Stake Light–with chameleon multi-color changing LED light–Great kits for garden decorations, and flower beds

Decorate your garden lighting with this decorative solar light set is a perfect addition to your yard and garden, Color-changing LED inside the transparent hummingbird, butterfly and dragonfly constantly cycles from red to green to blue once dusk falls.


1. Use a solar-powered (2v/100mA), after one-time investment you never worry about the cost.
2. 1.2v/600mAh built an AA-type rechargeable batteries.
3. LED lamp is a colorful, red, green and blue primary color orange, progressive color.
4. Products for light control, receive the product, turn on the switch, white open charging, automatic night light illumination. If no lights at night, just switch off. Charging switch needs to be sufficient under the conditions of the.
5. Outdoor decorative lights, craft sealant on the use of force, absolutely waterproof. Transparent acrylic animal shape, good transparency, do not fade do not corrupt.
6. Product overall height 70CM

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  1. D. Fowler says:

    These solar powered lights are amazingly beautiful at night … I was actually very excited to receive this selection of solar lights. I didn’t have any preconceived notions as to what these lights would look like and decided to wait until I saw how they performed. I simply switched the on/off button beneath the panel to on and stuck them in a small garden in my back yard. Mind you, during the day they look like something I purchased at the Dollar Store, but at night they are simply amazing.They did have some charge in them and I could see that when I put tested them in a darkened area in my house. Everything is pre-assembled save connecting the stakes. If you are going to move them frequently, I’d suggest putting some glue in the lower connector so you won’t lose it in the ground.The solar panels lay flat, but can be adjusted up so they lay flat against the metal stakes. It rained heavily during the night and the water simply beaded off the face of the solar panels. There is very little light pollution here, but if you purchase them, you’ll have to keep in mind your environment and how much light is emitted into your surroundings at night. How long will they last? Only time will tell, but I’m really thrilled with the way these lights shine and change color in the dark.Sample provided for review.

  2. MnMs says:

    Wow Wasn’t impressed with this when I saw it in the box. Looked cheap & cheesy. OMG!!! When it lights up at night it looks better than the stakes that cost 3x as much. So thrilled with them I am getting another set for the front. A breeze to ‘install’, tap in the bottom of the stake then put the top part on. Takes about 3 1/2 seconds. The photo doesn’t do it justice.

  3. LELE says:

    Night time beauty They are very bright colors each changing color at different intervals. The stakes allow you to place it in different heights so you get a look like they are flying. Very good price for 3 of them and the arrived within a week. We bought them 2 years ago but the our new puppy thought they were a toy and buried them (somewhere) in the garden.

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