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Digital Jewelry Scale 1000 X 0.1g Weigh Gold Silver Gemstones Coins Scrap Metal, Hummingbirds Figurine, Loons Bird, Non Species Specific Birds Figurine, Birds Statue, Owls Jewelry, Owls Replica, Owls Statue, Parakeets Bird Figurine, Quail Figurine

The scale also has a TARE FEATURE which allows you to reset it back to 0.00 after placing the crystal clear plastic cover on top which doubles as an expansion tray. Includes FREE LIFETIME WARRANTY. It is EXTREMELY DURABLE & ACCURATE due to it’s high quality load cell and ABS plastic frame. The platform is made out of stainless steel and is accurate even if the object is off-center.

The DW-1000BZ has a high quality strain gauge load cell system makes it accurate in full capacity range. The Shell and internal hardware is made from stainless steel and High density ABS plastic housing for superior durability. Perfect repeatability and off-center accuracy.

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