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Classic Brands 55 Liquid Nectar, 64-Ounce

More Birds Premium Nectar. We researched and tested a variety of flavorings to create the best nectar on the market. Just like flower nectar, our premium nectar is appealing to a wide range of hummingbirds.

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  1. NoLimit24_FJ "J Nolan" says:

    Please Get Rid of Red! It is Bloody Spooky Errr…can I say “hmmmm”…hmmmmmmm….and more hmmmm….This stuff will do the job for the little hummingbirds, but if you are thinking as I was, “Hey, pretty red, pretty hummingbirds, and beautiful Orioles can all continue to share same feeder….”NADA! This stuff ran my Orioles off. I have no clue why, unless the red color scares the Orioles. In fact, I really hate to say this since all these “Natural Type” hummingbird mixtures rant and rave about the “extra benefits” the hummers receive from their solutions…I mean give me the sugar mixture. You know the 3 cups water with 1 cup sugar, give or take some…But for me…I think I will stay away from “red” from now on. It really did not attract the hummers anymore than clear liquid, nor did it do a thing for all my Orioles except run them off…But if you are looking for color…sigh…give it a go, but don’t be disappointed if you are an Oriole fan and off they go! Truthfully, I don’t see that the red dye does a thing for the hummers or hummingbirds or lil’ beauts…they gonna’ find their beloved foot either way….Please get rid of the red and give me the clear!Give me the suga’!

  2. AvidBirder says:

    BAD BAD BAD! HURTS THE BIRDS!! Do not buy Classic Brands nectar products. All contain the red dye that is harmful to the hummingbirds. Choose a nectar that is made from natural hibiscus plants. They are just as cheap and a whole lot better for the birds.

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