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Classic Brands 54 Concentrate Nectar, 32-Ounce

More Birds Premium Nectar. We researched and tested a variety of flavorings to create the best nectar on the market. Just like flower nectar, our premium nectar is appealing to a wide range of hummingbirds.

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  1. NoLimit24_FJ "J Nolan" says:

    Sigh More Bloody Red Errr…can I say “hmmmm”…hmmmmmmm….and more hmmmm….This stuff will do the job for the little hummingbirds, but if you are thinking as I was, “Hey, pretty red, pretty hummingbirds, and beautiful Orioles can all continue to share same feeder….”NADA! This stuff ran my Orioles off. I have no clue why, unless the red color scares the Orioles. In fact, I really hate to say this since all these “Natural Type” hummingbird mixtures rant and rave about the “extra benefits” the hummers receive from their solutions…I mean give me the sugar mixture. You know the 3 cups water with 1 cup sugar, give or take some…But for me…I think I will stay away from “red” from now on. It really did not attract the hummers anymore than clear liquid, nor did it do a thing for all my Orioles except run them off…But if you are looking for color…sigh…give it a go, but don’t be disappointed if you are an Oriole fan and off they go! Truthfully, I don’t see that the red dye does a thing for the hummers or hummingbirds or lil’ beauts…they gonna’ find their beloved foot either way….Please get rid of the red and give me the clear! You know…red is “blood”…why the red? Do birds see it as an alarm? Who knows, maybe my bird mind is just “dead set” on getting rid of the red! It spooks more than helps after observations of around 2 months against the clear liquids…Give me the suga’!

  2. mikemike says:

    HUMMINGBIRD NECTAR The Hummingbird nectar from “More Birds” or as sold under the name “Classic” is preferred by the Hummingbirds in my area so thoroughly that they won’t bother with any other nectar. We have tried using other brands which can be purchased locally in the store but the little Hummers just snub thier beaks and go elsewhere. They check back every few days until they see “the good stuff” once again and within a day or day from the scout’s discovery they are back.The red color is actually a good thing as it not only resembles the red of thier favorite flowers but also lets them know at a glance if thier stash is suffiently filled to warrant a visit. The main thing to consider is what is better for the health of the Hummingbird, sugar water or a mix based on thier nutritional needs. My wife and i are bird people, we have our companion parrots and enjoy our little Hummingbird family’s visits. We spend perhaps 30 minutes each morning preparing “breakfast” for our 2, yes only two, parrots and realize how important a balanced diet is to birds.Healthy, happy, energetic Hummingbirds depend on feeders when the flowers are scarce, we want them to have the best and this stuff is it!!FYI, when using the concentrate or powder of “More Birds” food we tend to use 1/2 to 2/3 the amount of water suggested. The red shade of the premixed formula is what you should look for when mixing. Our Hummingbirds know the difference!! This is a great product!!P.S. This is Hummingbird food, not designed for other species of birds.

  3. Anonymous says:


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