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Aspects 384 Nectar Guard Tips

The nectar guard tips easily slide on to the feeding port on the underside of the feeder cover. Then flexible membrane in the center of each tip easily opens when hummingbirds insert their beaks to feed and close up tight when beaks are removed. The tips create a barrier flying insects can’t penetrate. It includes 12 tips per pack. For use with hummzinger ultra and fancy hummingbird feeders.

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  1. LetsGoMom! says:

    price this is an outrageous amount of money for just twelve little tips. Birdfeeding dot com sells them for five dollars.

  2. Annabelle "Smith" says:

    working so far, but had to alter to fit my feeder I have an aspects humzinger feeder and I ordered these nectar guard tips to keep flies from getting inside the feeder and drowning in the feeder. The plastic tips did not fit on the underside of the feeder as the directions said to apply them. They were too small, so I altered them to fit. I cut the top part of the plastic off and pushed them into the feeding holes from the top side of the feeder. This is the only way that I could get them to fit into the feeder that I bought. I have the 16 oz. feeder and I guess the holes on different humzinger feeders are slightly different sizes. So far, this technique is working and keeping the flies out of the feeder. They are walking all over the outside of the feeder trying to figure out how to get to the sugar water, but have not been able to get in as they were before. When I clean the feeder I know that I will have to be very careful in cleaning so that the little tips will not come out, but they are wedged in there pretty tightly, so hopefully this plan will work. In my opinion, the fly problem is a flaw in this feeder and had I known about it before I bought the feeder I would not have purchased it.

  3. Carlyn A. Menth says:

    Phantom Nectar Guards These are super helpful and truly work keeping out the abundant wasps – wasps don’t even bother going there after a while.But they are so easily LOST down the sink when you try to wash them! Honestly, whoever thought CLEAR was an appropriate color choice didn’t think it through. PLEASE, manufacturer, can you make them a COLOR so they can be seen when they are being washed? That would be ever-so-helpful! I can only give three stars because of this issue – they’d be a five if they could be seen.I want to try the other brand, which are red, but I don’t know for sure they’ll fit – these fit my Aspects feeder. Think about it, Aspects…Thank you!

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