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A Hummingbird in My House: The Story of Squeak

Anyone who has fallen under the spell of the hummingbird will treasure this lovable true story of a young ruby-throated hummingbird who becomes part of someone’s household and life. 57 full-color photographs; 10 black-and-white drawings.

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  1. hassnick "hassnick" says:

    Beautiful and informative This is a marvelous little book: both captivating narrative and very informative. I’ve been a great fan of hummingbirds since visiting the aviary at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tuscon. The author has done a marvelous job of telling us what its like to have a hummingbird in the house on a daily basis. And how lucky Squeak was to find Ms. Heidcamp–some things just seem to happen for a reason.

  2. Elizabeth Rosenthal says:

    An adorable, heartwarming story If you like birds in the least bit, you should enjoy this cute story about the tiny but spunky Squeak, the young, male hummingbird whom the author rescues from the frost and keeps in her sun room all winter long. Ms. Heidcamp should be extremely proud that she was able to make such a positive difference in the life of a creature whose species she was already following with a notebook and a passion. Her knowledge of flowers that attract hummingbirds is amazing. So, too, is her ability to stock her sun room with healthy, flowering specimens, ensure the availability of nutritional supplements and patiently regulate both the light and the temperature in the room, all so that Squeak would have what he needed to thrive. Her color photos are beautiful and perfectly illustrate the narrative. I just hope that Ms. Heidcamp someday writes a sequel so we can learn about Squeak’s fate upon leaving his winter home and doting host.

  3. Anonymous says:

    An upclose and detailed look at a hummingbird’s winter. This is a book for those who admire hummers and want to know more about their habits, diet and what it’s like to interact with “a living jewel among the flowers.” The author is concerned with the longterm welfare of this hummer and she does whatever is necessary to assure him the best chance to make it on his own once the winter is over and he is returned to the out of doors.

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