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A Field Guide to Hummingbirds of North America (Peterson Field Guides(R))

Hummingbirds (Peterson Field Guides)

Hummingbirds (Peterson Field Guides)

Hummingbirds, a Peterson Field Guide, covers 31 North American species. With more than 250 color photos and 33 maps, this is the most comprehensive field guide to hummingbirds.

Introductory chapters cover the natural history of hummingbirds, ways to attract and feed them, and major hot spots in the United States and Canada for observing these fascinating birds.

The 31 color plates illustrate 28 species, 7 hybrid combinations, 3 forms of albinism, and 4 species of sphinx moths often mistaken for hummingbirds.

Species accounts provide in-depth information on plumage, molt, songs and calls, wing sounds, similar species, behavior, habitat, distribution, taxonomy, and conservation concerns.

Detailed, up-to-date range maps show breeding, non-breeding, and year-round distribution, migration routes, and records outside expected areas of occurrence. For a few widespread migratory species, separate maps illustrate expected spring arrival dates.

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  1. D. J. Shuff says:

    An unexpected treat This book is the latest edition in a long line of Peterson Field Guides. As such it has a lot to live up to. It is written in a similar format to the series most recent work on the Warblers of North America (John Dunn and Kimball Garrett, 1997) and includes the same basic categories of description, behaviour, habitat, similar species, status and conservation, and subspecies and taxonomic relationships in the species accounts.The book covers over 30 species of hummingbirds that regularly occur in the United States or have the potential for occurence as vagrants from Mexico. It is entirely a photographic guide which has both advantages and disadvantages from paintings or illustrations.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Finally the book I’ve been looking for!! This book is wonderful!! I just finished reading it. I’d been waiting so long for a hummingbird book with photos of the females and the immature birds. In the past, I’ve had so much trouble looking through art drawings of hummingbirds. Now we have photos of each bird to help with identification in the field.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Never too much information I ordered this book along with two others when my grandchildren and I decided we needed more background on the hummingbirds who visit my feeders every day. There is an abundance of wonderful info on the hummingbird types and habitats in this book. The pictures are exceptional. I especially love the small size…making it easy to handle while we’re outside. After using the book, we’re on the search for a hummingbird nest in our nearby maple tree. It seems to be the place where most of the hummingbirds perch between feedings. The book talks about the nests and how they come back to the same next year after year. Very, very interesting.If you are buying only one book on hummingbirds, this would be the one to buy.

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