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3 Piece Decorative Solar Light Set (Hummingbird, Butterfly & Dragonfly)

This 3 piece decorative solar light set is a perfect addition to your yard and garden, and costs nothing to operate! Color-changing LED inside the transparent hummingbird, butterfly and dragonfly constantly cycles from red to green to blue once dusk falls. 1-3/4″-square solar panel hangs on each stake, and charges the built-in AA NiCd battery in direct sunlight, so once dusk comes, the light show automatically begins.

?Solar panel charges the battery during the day
?LED turns on automatically at dusk
?Changes color in a red-green-blue sequence
Includes three 30″ tall stakes

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  1. Kuskomale "Kuskomale" says:

    Crystal Clear Indeed! I’ve had these just a few days and, so far (fingers crossed), they’re working as advertised. There are two thoughts I want to share with potential buyers:First of all, be PATIENT after you open the box. This is NOT a “plug and play” light set. Unlike other sets I’ve purchased, the instructions say to give the solar panels two days of full sunlight to initially charge the batteries. That’s hard to do, of course, since you want to use these lights right out of the box. But FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS anyway! If these solar batteries are like other rechargeable batteries (e.g. digital cameras) you really do need to FULLY charge the batteries before you first use them; otherwise, you will not get the maximum storage capacity of the battery. If you’re impatient and set the lights up before you’ve “primed” the batteries initially, you’ll probably get far less light than you would have, had you followed the instructions. (Oh, and please be careful to have the solar panel set to the OFF position before you initially charge the batteries. Having the set on AUTO will discharge the batteries instead of charge them.)Secondly, believe the hype–these DO shine “super bright(ly)”! Other light sets I’ve purchased have figurines that are composed of plastic that discolor/fade with continual exposure to the sun and the elements. These figurines, however, are composed of glass (that come wrapped separately in a protective bubble wrap) so that the LED shines very brightly throughout the figure. These lights are, so far, SUPER bright, and shouldn’t fade with time.Six days and counting, and I couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately, now that the arctic sun is fast disappearing, I won’t be able to use them much past September. But NEXT SPRING, look out!

  2. S. Droski "voracious reader" says:

    Whimsical, bright and cleverly designed solar charger I bought a number of different, “fun” solar lights and these are one of my top 3 favorites. The main differentiator with these is the clever Solar panel design. It’s fairly far up the stake so they won’t be hidden by most landscaping. Even better, you can tilt the solar panel up and down to best capture the sun’s rays! I LOVE that as it makes it much easier to position them where they’ll charge well.On a scale from 1-4, where 1 = “decorative, but very dim light” and 4 = “extremely bright and well suited to light your way”, I’d rate these at 3.5, which surprised me since I expected these to be only decorative based on the design.Other thoughts:1. The colors are by far the most beautiful of all the lights I bought. I was skeptical when I saw what looked like basic, plastic shapes (butterfly, hummingbird & dragonfly) that you place over the light, but the light reflects through them in interesting ways, especially when changing from one color to the next. I could watch these all night!2. So far they stay lit most of the night, but keep in mind that I’m in TX where we get lots of sun to charge them each day. One was positioned so it didn’t get charged well each day and within 2 days it started shutting off early so I just adjusted the solar panel and it’s doing great now.3. The stake is the tallest I’ve seen, yet it’s very strong and fairly unobtrusive during the day. I like the height since it makes them more visible and allows me to place them in the middle of the garden where shorter lights wouldn’t work. Some stakes I’ve seen bend and break easily in hard soil, but these are very tough, which is great.We had an extremely windy week when I first put them out and even though they are tall, they stayed put and didn’t blow over. So far I have no concerns or negative comments about these at all and they are so pretty they make me smile!

  3. G. Miranda says:

    They are great! My dad gave me these as a gift, I really loved them! They are still going great 6 months later. I just bought a set for a friend…but purchased from Harbor Freight for 22.00 shipped. Much cheaper than here…

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