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Country LIving, Tractors and Farm Equipment

Living in the country can be wonderful. It can be hard work, if you are farming, or it can be pure pleasure if you just enjoy living in the quiet countryside and watching the birds and animals. Perhaps you simply want to raise your own organic food and have some to share with friends or to sell for a little extra income.

If you live in the country, even if you don’t have a farm, you often need equipment that city and suburban dwellers would not need. Maybe you have an oversized lot (or several lots) that have to be mowed. Maybe you go after gardening in a big way. Or maybe you have land to clear of pesky weeds and bushes that would otherwise spoil the view and/or harbor poisonous snakes.

So even if you are not farming or truck-gardening, you may still want to look at small tractors for sale or other farm equipment just for your own purposes. Or you may plant to share with neighbors or friends.

If you keep a horse, for example, you may need to keep moles or other burrowing animals from creating dangerous holes in the paddock or riding trails that could lame your horse. There are many reasons why you may need special equipment for country life.

Whether new to the area or just new to buying farm machinery, you may need help finding good used equipment at a reasonable price. Good news, there are websites that offer listings of used equipment and manufacturer specs and descriptions for new equipment to make it easy to find what you want.

In Australia, for example, the place to go is called Well known as a great place to buy and sell boats and yachts, the site has grown to include tractors and other farm machinery as well. It offers ads for used and new equipment and tractors for sale, along with manufacturer specs and photos, so you can find exactly what you need.

And then, if you are in the Western Hemisphere, you can use the time you saved to get back to watching hummingbirds. It’s just a matter of priorities. Isn’t it?

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