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The Value of Birds in Your Yard

by Ernie Allison

Birds have somewhat of a bad reputation when it comes to them taking up residence in your yard. They’ve been known to splatter droppings all over walkways and to destroy vegetable gardens. This can be extremely frustrating if you’re trying to keep the appearance of your yard neat and tidy or if you’re trying to keep your plants in pristine condition. Even so, before you go tearing down nests in a flurry of rage, pause and think about all of the positive things that having birds in your yard can do.

Free Labor

If you’re a gardener, vegetable or not, birds can actually be your best friend because they like to feast on insects and weeds that are harmful to your garden. Herbicides and pesticides are not only expensive, but they are harmful to the environment.

Birds provide free labor and are non-toxic to the environment. The few tomatoes that they chew on are worth the ones that they save from insects. If you’re worried that the birds are going to spend all of the time eating your veggies instead of insects and weeds, then you can try putting up a squirrel proof bird feeder to pull their attention elsewhere.

Healthy Soil

Birds are attracted to trees and shrubs so if you have some in your yard, you’re likely to have birds as well. Trees and shrubs are beneficial to your garden and yard because their strong and deep root systems combat erosion and keep soil healthy and full of nutrients. Even if you don’t care about soil, don’t go cutting down the trees in your yard just to get rid of birds. Trees help protect your house from the elements and provide shade. There’s really no better way to keep your heating and cooling bill in check.

Increase in Property Value

Trees, water sources, and lush garden spaces attract birds to your yard whether you want them there or not. If birds are attracted to the characteristics of your landscape, most likely, other people will be too. An attractive landscape increases property values and creates a more enjoyable ambiance for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

A Relaxing Family Environment

The more enjoyable your landscape, the more likely you want to spend time in it. A well-kept yard is a relaxing place to spend time by yourself or with your family while observing nature and wildlife. Having birds and other creatures in your yard is also a great way to teach kids how to respect the environment and all forms of wildlife.

How to Attract Birds to Your Yard

There are several things you can do to attract birds into your yard if you don’t have them there already:
 Put up a bird feeder and/or house
 Add trees and shrubs to your yard
 Install a water feature. It can either be a bird bath or a fountain. Birds love all forms of water.
 Plant native plants. This will obviously attract native birds
 Be patient. Birds are often wary of new areas so give them some time to get used to the idea of hanging out in your yard.

Author Bio
Ernie Allison loves nature. More specifically, he loves birds and wants to teach others how to appreciate them, too. To help further this mission, he writes for Bird Feeders, the supplier of squirrel proof bird feeders.

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