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Perky-Pet 30-Ounce Glass Hummingbird Feeder

30-oz glass hummingbird feeder30 OZ, Glass Hummingbird Feeder, Our Best With 6 Flower Feeding Stations & Removable Full Circle Perch.

Product Features

  • Large hummingbird feeder with 6 feeding ports and 30-ounce capacity
  • Removable circular perch lets hummers settle or feed on the go
  • Clear glass reservoir makes it easy to monitor nectar levels
  • Reservoir unscrews quickly from feeder base for filling and cleaning
  • Includes hanger that suspends from branch or hook

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  1. Red-Wagon says:

    Not perfect, but the best available I’m still hunting for the perfect feeder. This feeder meets most of my requirements:1. Reservoir must be glass, not plastic. Plastic reservoirs get cloudy, always look dirty and seem to breed mold and mildew. Glass is easier to clean – just wash with soapy water. Every couple of times I wash it, I add a couple of drops of bleach to the soapy water. Rinse thoroughly with hot water. I’ve never had a problem with mold buildup in the corners.2. Must have a perch for the hummers -they prefer it that way.3. Must have a decent size reservoir to eliminate the need to fill twice daily. When hummers are not quite as active don’t fill this one up all the way. Sometimes it should just be filled 1/4 of the way. Ideally this feeder would have a bottle that is slightly smaller. Perhaps a 24 ounce size bottle that is a bit narrower might be better. But then it might heat up more in the sun and begin the habit of growing mold and mildew. This bottle is highly resistant to mold and mildew if cleaned at least once a week.4. Must be an inverter type to easily see the food level and to hold an adequate amount of food without the need to refill more than every two or three days.5. Base must be easy to clean without crevices that you can’t get to. This is the area where this feeder fails horribly. You cannot disassemble the base and all you can do is wash and rinse.6. Design of the feeder should not allow Yellow jackets access to the food. Although they may smell it and try to get to it, they can’t with this feeder – they quickly give up and leave the food for the hummers. The liquid level in the base is too far from the feeding ports for the yellow jackets to reach. The other Perky Pet feeder that I have (the 24 oz with the hourglass shape) is too shallow and the yellow jackets take over the feeder in the late summer months. This feeder is a much better design.7. The plastic base should be of a high quality non-porous plastic. This feeder meets this requirement.8. The ports should not be some silly design to look like a flower. This one barely meets this requirement. At least the plastic flowers are flush with the base instead of sticking up like some of the really cheap feeders.9. Ideally the glass bottle should be easily replaceable. This feeder does not meet this requirement. What I would really like to see is a design where you can use a standard mason jar and the feeder would have some type of easily cleanable adapter. Or how about using a standard 1 quart vinegar bottle? I saw one like this once, but wasn’t sure if the feeder met my yellow jacket requirements.Happy hunting for your perfect feeder!

  2. W. Thomas says:

    Great feeder! A great feeder. Never any problems. It’s not hard to keep clean unless you let the mixture go rancid. Buy bottle brushes when you get this or you’ll struggle to clean it, if the mixture goes bad. Our birds will go through this in 1 week!This is just a couple minutes of video. They’ll allow me to stand about a foot away from the feeder and still drink. It’s great for pictures. These little guys are really aggressive (Rufous) and one sounds like a tiny version of the Jetson’s spaceship. You can hear these guys all day. If you like peace and quiet, don’t get a feeder if you live in Colorado and have these guys around. All day the kids, 4 and 6, are getting their books out to read about the birds. Go to hummingbirds dot net to find out about proper cleaning and mixture. What’s real funny is watching all the “regular birds” trying to get something from this like the hummers. They’re all learning to hover real well.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hummingbirds’ Favorite Feeder I have three of these feeders on my front porch now and am thinking of purchasing three more because they seem to be my hummingbirds’ favorite feeders. During the months of August and September each year we have between 70 and 100 hummingbirds at one time coming to 15 different types of feeders hanging on our front porch. The Perky Pet 209 30-oz. feeders always seem to be the ones the birds go for first. I also like them because they are large but easy to handle when filling and easy to clean. Other advantages: glass instead of plastic seems to keep the sugar water fresher longer; bee guards are built in and don’t fall out; circular perch stays put and doesn’t require adjustment. I’ve tried all kinds of hummingbird feeders and I think this one is the best.

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