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Glass Hummingbird Feeders and Decorative Birdhouses – How Placement Can Enhance Their Effectiveness

Colorful Hummingbird Feeders

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Your yard and garden décor choices give you a tranquil and beautiful place to relax and enjoy nature. They also provide migrating songbirds, hummingbirds and even Monarch butterflies much needed nourishment for their annual flight southward.

Some hummingbirds migrate to Central America with favorite destination stops being Panama and Mexico. Many will take a route over the Gulf of Mexico.

The nonstop flight is a grueling trip that can take about 20 hours. How does this little bird accomplish such a daunting task? They will almost double their body weight by stopping at gardens all across the country to sip nectar from flowers and hummingbird feeders like the Ladybug Decor Glass Hummingbird Feeder.

If you are putting out hummingbird feeders placement is important. To attract attention to your hummingbird feeders place them among flowers that hummingbirds like.

The Goldenrod flower is a favorite of hummers and grows wild along the road side but can also provide color to any garden. The Begonia flower and the Petunia flower are two more favorites for our fast feathered friends.

When you first try this you’ll notice that the little hummers will be going for the flowers more than your feeders and you will be saying to yourself, “This guy is nuts, the hummingbirds are attracted to the flowers not my ladybug glass hummingbird feeder.”

There are times when I would agree with you about the nuts part, but not here. Hummingbirds prefer natural nectar to the homemade stuff you would be putting in your glass hummingbird feeders. So, they are around and as the blooms start to lose their bounty you will see your fast feathered friends dining at your feeders.

These artistic stained glass hummingbird feeders have a double duty in your garden, providing you with hours of enjoyment watching those lovely little birds zooming about and helping the little hummers fatten up for their long migration south. Keep your hummingbird feeders clean and full of fresh homemade nectar and they will be back again and again as their cycle of life unfolds in your bountiful garden of sweet delights.

You can also put out decorative birdhouses, like the Lighthouse Birdhouse, to enhance your yard and garden décor but the main function of these garden décor birdhouses is to bring indigenous cavity nesting birds into your garden. If you where wanting to house a variety of different species in your unique birdhouses and all you seem to see are House Sparrows, there is a good reason for that.

Of all the songbirds in North America the House Sparrow in the most abundant and covers a larger area of the planet than any other bird. They are very territorial and their aggressive nesting behavior of smashing the eggs of other indigenous cavity nesting birds, to drive them away and take over their nest, has given them an unfavorable status with many birding enthusiast.

If you want to discourage the sparrow from nesting in your wood birdhouse you will have to keep an eye on the birdhouses and when a sparrow starts a nest you must remove it. This may take doing more than once but it will discourage them over time.

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