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First Nature 3051 16-ounce Hummingbird Feeder

First Nature 3051 16-oz Hummingbird Feeder

First Nature 3051 16-oz Hummingbird Feeder

First Nature 16-Ounce Hummingbird Feeder. The bright red color attracts the most inquisitive hummingbirds. With easy-to-fill wide-mouth jar reservoirs and two-part bases, First Nature Humming bird Feeders are the easiest feeder on the market to fill and clean. The feeding ports will accommodate several hummer’s at a time. With First Nature Hummingbird Nectar Concentrate, you can mix the correct proportions right in the feeder jar. Feeders can be hung from hook or limb.

Product Features

  • Wide-mouth reservior and patented two-part base is easy to fill and clean
  • The durable polymer feeder features 10 feeding ports, 16 ounce nectar capacity, s-hook, and round perch design
  • Innovative sealing ring aids in leak prevention
  • Red base attracts inquisitive hummingbirds
  • Made in usa

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  1. AmberK says:

    functional, but comes with a couple problems It took the hummingbirds a little while to want to try this feeder, but now that they have, they are fine with it and are quite willing to perch on it and pose for the camera. It seems to be more leak-proof than some other feeders I have since the portals are on the top of the (bowl?) instead of on the side like many other feeders. It’s very easy to clean since it has such a wide mouth, and you can get your hand in there to scrub away all the sliminess of old solution. I’ve had a problem with other bottle feeders that have such a small opening you can never get in there to clean. And I’m very excited that there are 10 portals on the feeder, as this means I can feed many rufous hummingbirds at the same time when they migrate through town.I do have 3 problems with this particular feeder:A) The hornets seem to really like it. The portals are large enough that they can really get in there to feed themselves, and then they charge away any hummingbirds that try to get near enough for a drink. The larger portals are a huge advantage for someone who has orioles around though, and wants the orioles to be able to get a drink. I do not get orioles, I just know of people who do get them and are happy to see them drink from this particular hummingbird feeder.B)I don’t care for the hook at the top of the feeder. It seems very unstable. I’m just waiting for a heavy wind to blow this feeder off my balcony into my downstairs neighbors’ patio. I’m also having a problem finding anything to substitute for the hook that will fit in the opening at the top.C) I’m not quite sure what to make of my 3rd problem with the feeder. It was a little while before I noticed hummingbirds were using the feeder, yet the nectar in it was disappearing very fast. Where was it all going if the birds weren’t drinking it? I’ve never had the solution in a feeder disappear so fast before. I couldn’t find any spills underneath the feeder, so that wasn’t the problem. So it was probably either one of two things going on. Either the hornets were having a field day drinking it all, or else there was a problem with the nectar evaporating very quickly. Maybe due to the heat?

  2. Woody Raknud says:

    Excellent This is the best hummingbird feeder I have owned.It is super easy to fill and to clean and it attracts hummingbirds all day long.The reservoir has a large opening to allow a sponge or bottle brush to be inserted to quickly scrub it outand the bottom part twists open to separate into two halves and expose the entire interior.The hummingbirds seem to prefer this feeder over other types that I own.The openings are just large enough to allow orioles to drink from the feeder too.Oh, and it is made in the USA.

  3. J. Lesley "(Judy)" says:

    Some information to consider before ordering. This is an excellent hummingbird feeder, with a couple of caveats.First, the container is plastic which was not an issue for me. The wide mouth screw-on jar is incredibly easy to clean and fill. The base unit twists into two pieces so you can easily clean the interior each time you refill with nectar. Make sure you look under the bottom of the feeder to be sure the two parts have connected back together securely before you add the filled jar. Because of a design issue with the unit I have to go out each day and gently tip the base to allow more nectar to flow into it. I get the big bubbles going into the jar to show me nectar has now filled the bottom. Why this feeder won’t do this on it’s own is a mystery to me. It took me a long time this year to get birds at my feeder and then I noticed the level in the jar always stayed the same. It was because the nectar doesn’t refill the base automatically.Second, go ahead and order an ant trap while you order the feeder. The pesky little critters found my feeder even before the birds did, but the ant trap offered here on Amazon did the trick. Sorry, I tried to insert a product link but it wouldn’t work. The one I bought is called the Trap-It Ant Moat.So, the feeder works well because of the ease of cleaning and filling it. There are ten feeding ports but my birds fight each other off so I only have one feeding at a time. Remember to tip the feeder until you can tell more nectar is in the bottom and add an ant trap. This works very well for me because my feeder hangs so low. If your feeder is up high, you might want to take this into consideration before ordering.

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