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All About Humming Bird Feeders

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Unlike many of the birds you may try to attract with feeders in your garden the hummingbird is not one to share. This is because they are one bird that is protective of its own territory and will not readily share a food source with other hummingbirds. That means if this is the bird you want to attract you will need to put several humming bird feeders around your garden.

Hummingbirds are very accepting of where their feeders are located so you can put them in many locations. They can be outside a window of a home or office or on an apartment’s balcony.

These places are as comfortable for the birds as if they are hanging from a tree branch. The thing you need to be sure of is whether the area you live in is one that hummingbirds travel through on their yearly migrations. You can find this out by doing a little research on the internet.

To ensure you have a chance of attracting these beautiful little birds put the humming bird feeders out early in the spring. Then keep them out there until the end of the fall.

If you have previously attracted the hummingbirds and then there are none that will mean they have completed their migration south and it is time to put the feeders away until next year. They may get damaged by hanging outside during the poorer weather and since there will be no birds to feed it is wiser to bring them inside, clean them and store them until the next spring.

Hummingbird feeders can be bought or you can make them yourself. They are frequently made from a bottle or a tube. This kind of feeder is made from glass or plastic and has tiny holes in it for the feed, known as nectar, to come through. These feeders must be made to in a way that allows them to be cleaned regularly.

Again, based on the nectar, this is important. You want to be able to take it completely apart and wash is each time before you are ready to refill it. The nectar is very easy to make.

You take water, boil it, and then add sugar. It should be one fifth sugar with four fifths water which is then stirred until it is well mixed. Once this is done allow the mixture to sit until it has cooled. Then pour it into the nectar feeder and wait for those amazing little birds to come and have a drink.

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