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Restoring Family Peace May Require Estate Litigation

Every hummingbird lover cherishes the peace of nature and the outdoors on a pretty day. A quiet garden, mountain path, or forest is a wonderful thing.

Life in the modern world, however, is not always so peaceful. In family affairs such as wills and probate, for example, emotions can run high, and reasonable discussion among family members may become next to impossible. Family members can disagree bitterly about the validity of documents or the management of estates. 

One way to restore peace in the family is to engage the services of expert estate litigation attorneys who can sort out even a poorly planned estate and negotiate or litigate a fair settlement among disgruntled family members. One way or another, the disagreements are settled, so life can move on.

In the Palm Beach area of Florida, for example, the firm of Boyes And Farina has been quietly helping families restore peace for many years. Often called upon as expert witnesses because of their recognized skill and experience, the members of the firm provide the following services:

  • Estate and Trust Planning
  • Estate and Trust Litigation
  • Estate and Trust Administration
  • Estate and Gift Tax Planning
  • Fiduciary Litigation
  • Guardianships for the Elderly and Minors
  • Intra-Family Dispute Resolution
  • U.S. Tax Court Litigation
  • Business Litigation
  • Expert Witness Services

The best way to defuse disappointments and conflicts in guardianship or probate is for families to communicate amicably and then retain attorneys who are experts in estate planning. When an estate is already in disarray, or family members have reached an impasse, expert estate litigation attorneys may be the only way to restore peace and distribute the estate fairly.

Defusing the crisis with sound legal practices allows families to carry on and helps them restore their lives to normal, without further embittering conflict. So they can get back to enjoying the beauty and peace of nature.

Finding Your Hummingbird Heaven in Florida

We often talk here about how to attract hummingbirds to your yard or garden. We also talk about planting a garden to attract hummingbirds. But that can take time.

If you are moving, why not look for a place that already has an established hummingbird population? Then you can just move right in and immediately start enjoying the birds you love.

Sounds like a great idea, right? But tell that requirement to the average real estate agent and see what kind of looks you get from them. You need help from someone who understands that some clients have special requirements for happiness—and who will take the time to fulfill your needs.

For example, broker Susan Rindley is South Florida’s leading expert on satisfying the needs of exacting clients, people who have special requirements and will not settle for less. With offices in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, the firm specializes in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami Waterfront Real Estate, but they know all the best communities throughout South Florida.

Whether you need to relocate quickly, or you simply have little time or energy for real estate shopping, an area specialist with expertise in matching existing properties with particular clients can save you time, money and frustration, and assure that you get exactly what you want and need.

All it takes is an area expert with an intuitive understanding of client needs and wishes and a sincere willingness to make sure your needs are met, from splendidly landscaped condos to large private estates. In fact, they have been chosen by Sotheby’s to showcase the most exclusive and desirable properties.

So if you want your gorgeously landscaped garden to come with a full complement of happy hummingbirds as established residents, you can have that. And you won’t have to tramp through dozes of disappointing properties to find it.

Just ask an expert, someone who specializes in successfully meeting the unique needs of each of their clients, including hummingbird lovers.

Moving’s Tough

Contribution by Stevie Kirby

Moving has been the biggest challenge I think I’ve ever faced. I thought I was going about it the right way – I talked to a real estate agent in Texas, hired movers, even started packing well over a month in advance, but there are some things you just can’t plan for. I spent time online at sites like looking into my new utility providers and I talked to the trash company that serviced my neighborhood about the large pickup I’d have once I unpacked all my boxes. I basically thought I was doing everything right but at the end of the day I ended up having a moving nightmare! First of all, the movers dropped my dining room table on the way out of my old house, snapping a leg off and basically ruining it. So that was fun. Then they got LOST on the way to Texas which meant that I didn’t have half of my stuff for the first full day once I got there, including my box with all my shower supplies and clean clothes for the weekend! Once they got to my new house I realized the driveway was too small for the truck to fit so they ended up having to carry everything all the way up the walk which is about 200 yards. They were not too happy about that one. And of course, since they were so tired from the long walk they dropped my couch as they were getting to the door and left a big gash in the side of that. Did you know that even with moving insurance you’re not really covered for stuff like that? Anyway, I’ve got to buy two new relatively expensive pieces of clothing which is not going to be fun and I now have to get the smell of mover sweat out of everything I own. Who would have thought moving would turn into such an unbelievable hassle?

Beautiful Homes and Hummingbirds

Opinions vary on what makes the perfect home. Most people agree, though, that they like to have access to nature: a balcony, a patio, a terrace—or at least a lot of large windows with a wonderful view.

Hummingbird lovers would add one more requirement: a place to watch hummingbirds. Ideally you want to be able to put out feeders, plant the right flowers, and attract the hummers to wherever you want to watch them. Avid watchers may also want to take nature walks to see even more.

The best places to live for hummingbirds and for most other nature lovers are surrounded by woods. In master-planned communities like The Falls at Jensen Beach, estate home builders Kolter Homes build on estate-size lots where hummingbird lovers can create a little hummingbird paradise.

Golf courses and lushly landscaped areas also make good homes for hummingbirds. And the miles of nature walks make it easier to watch hummers and other birds in the wild.

Nature lovers will also appreciate the proximity of wonderful nearby nature preservers, including

Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge, where sea turtles and water birds nest.

Florida Oceanographic Society’s 57-acre nature center on Hutchinson Island with a hardwood hammock, a mangrove swamp, and a 750,000 lagoon displaying sting rays, sea turtles and other spectacular ocean wildlife.

Bathtub Reef Beach, where snorkelers can easily swim right up to a living coral reef near shore.

Barley Barbour Swamp, which offers guided tours of an old-growth cypress ecosystem, perfect for photographing wildlife and watching birds.

Add to that the many nearby marinas, the excellent fishing and boating, sailing, snorkeling, and other water sports as well as year-round tennis and golf, and everyone who loves the outdoors is happy.

For more information on Jensen Beach, The Falls, and Martin County, Florida, visit

What Do Golf and Hummingbird-Watching Have in Common?

What do golf and hummingbird watching have in common? Most people have more time for them after they retire. The trick is to retire to a place where you can enjoy both of them for much of the year.

If you need to live in a place with on-site healthcare and convenient amenities such as bank, concierge, restaurants, theater, art studio and meeting rooms all under one roof, having a great golf course and a place to watch hummingbirds nearby often poses a problem. Retirement communities with sophisticated amenities are often situated in urban areas.

There is a place where you can continue your golfing on the PGA National course—and watch hummingbirds on 26 acres of woods and gardens in a pleasant, subtropical climate. It’s called Devonshire at PGA National. It is a resort within a resort at Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Besides acres of woods and gardens for hummingbird watching, Devonshire offers spacious apartments, from around 960 square feet for the smallest one-bedroom apartment to around 2800 square feet for the largest two-bedroom. To make entertaining out-of-town company easier, you can also rent comfortable, pleasant suites for guests.

The on-site health clinic provides peace of mind, while the concierge, onsite banking, and other amenities make life easier and more convenient. Everything you need is housed in the large, elegant clubhouse attached to your residence. So all amenities are under one roof.

For rainy days, and for those who prefer indoor activities, there is a wealth of indoor facilities for a huge variety of activities. They include a world-class theatre for concerts, a spa and fitness center, billiard and poker room, tournament card room, art studio, meditation room, and more. Residents say they make wonderful new friends and can always find something fun and interesting to do.

Resting between activities is pleasant and relaxing in serene, spacious luxury apartments with panoramic views of the beautiful grounds.

So now you know: If you plan ahead, there is no need to miss out on hummingbird-watching or golf when you retire to a community with continuing care, maid service, concierge, and other services. You can move to a lovely new home in Florida with friendly people and beautiful woods and gardens, where the living is easy and life is full of fun and luxury conveniences: Devonshire.

Duncraft Debunks The Five Most Common Bird Feeding Myths


Myth: If people feed the birds, the birds will become dependent on bird feeders and will forget how to find food on their own. This myth is very similar to anotherthat people shouldnt feed birds in summer because theres enough natural food and birds have to learn not to become dependent on bird feeders.

Fact: Birds only get about 25% of their food from feeders. If birds cant find food at a bird feeder, they will continue to find natural food sources in the wild such as insects, weed seeds, buds, sap, spiders, berries and pine nuts. But if a bird feeder goes empty during a very harsh winter, it probably will be a hardship for the birds.

The birds havent forgotten how to find food, it just may be very scarce at certain times of the year. The food they find at a bird feeder will be a welcome supplement. If people do feed birds, its best to keep feeding during the winter. As for not feeding in summer, birds probably dont need bird feeders in summer, but how can bird lovers observe all their beautiful colors and behaviors when the birds are foraging in the woods and fields instead of in backyards?

Myth: Birds feet will stick to metal bird feeder perches in the winter. (more…)

Encountering Wildlife In The Canadian Rockies

Encountering Wildlife in the Canadian Rockies

Encountering Wildlife in the Canadian Rockies

There are hummingbirds all over North America except in the Arctic. Some of them live in the Rocky Mountains.

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Making Your Yard Attract More than Hummingbirds

So now you have this beautiful yard, brimming with flowering plants that attract hummingbirds—and also butterflies and the admiring glances of neighbors. What next?

How about putting the finishing touches on your hummingbird heaven by making sure you have pretty house signs, address signs, and/or address plaques? You want other hummingbird lovers to be able to easily find your house. And you want your house numbers and house address plaques to blend attractively with your house and garden, right?

If you have never given that a thought, now is a good time to think of it. Even as the hummingbirds fly south for the winter, we are about to start preparing for fall parties and winter holidays. You will probably have a lot more company, and many of them will be coming to your house for the first time. Good signs help them find you, and there is no reason for the signs not to be attractive.

Not to mention the delivery people bringing winter gifts you have ordered on line or through the mail. Making it easy to find your address can make the difference between packages arriving on time—or maybe not at all. (Ask me how I know.)

Don’t make delivery people guess which house is yours. They may guess wrong, and you may never get your package.

And while you are picking out house plaques, that is also a good time to pick out matching garden accessories to blend your garden decor. You never know. Maybe you’ll finally win Yard of the Month.

Meanwhile you and your hummingbirds will have even more beautiful surroundings for many years to come.

Fast Like a Hummingbird, and Gorgeous, Too

Have you been too busy this summer, relaxing and watching hummingbirds, to keep up with the new car scene? Just in case you have, if you love sporty cars, you should take a look at the new Scion FR-S.  

The new Scion FR-S debuted in June 2012, and it is gorgeous. It has all the sleek stylishness of a classic sports car—but with Toyota’s great reliability.

The car comes in seven luscious colors. My favorites are the deep blue (Ultramarine) and the silver (Argento). You can make a big splash with the pure red (Firestorm) or the orange-red (Firestorm) colors. For the more conservative, the FR-S also comes in a sleek white (Whiteout), black (Raven) and a sort of metallic charcoal (Asphalt).

For the technical types, the FR-S has a 4-cylinder engine with 200 horsepower and 151 lb-ft of torque at 66,000 RPM. Translation: Not only is it gorgeous, but it can really move, too!

Want more? It has a 101-inch wheelbase. The gas tank holds 13.6 gallons. The following infographic gives additional information and shows how the FR-S evolved from earlier Toyota models. (more…)

Indoor Luxury for Hummingbird Watchers

Hummingbird-watching can be an indoor or outdoor activity. But unlike the hummingbirds, we watchers spend much of our time indoors, and we like to be comfortable.

When you are in the kitchen making hummingbird nectar to attract them within easy watching distance, it would be nice to have well-designed and beautiful faucets as well as a well-shaped kitchen sink. Like hummingbirds, comfort and luxury add pleasure to life.

The Waterworks Online Store offers beautiful kitchen and bathroom faucets and fittings, plus tubs, showers, tiles, and bathroom accessories—and more. We may as well enjoy our indoor surroundings, too.

Does elegant design and efficient function make a difference? Of course it does.

Poorly designed or worn out bathroom and kitchen fixtures cause a constant low level of stress whenever you see or use them. You may continue to ignore the unpleasant look or poor function for a long time, because you are use to it. But replacing the old fixtures with beautiful and functional new ones can be amazingly uplifting to your mood.

Earlier this year, I had a bathroom sink and faucets replaced. Before that I would not have believed how much I would enjoy the new fixtures. Six months later I still notice and admire the beauty of the new faucet handles and enjoy their much greater ease of use and the pleasant feel of their streamlined shape.

How easily and smoothly faucets and other kitchen and bathroom fixtures work does matter. And how they look matters just as much. Good design is hard to put a price on, but the pleasure it brings is real.

So making hummingbird nectar—and many other recipes—can be fun all in itself. And not all the beauty has to be outside around the hummingbird feeders.