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Building a Place to Watch Hummingbirds?

English: Hummingbird aerodynamics of flight

English: Hummingbird aerodynamics of flight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hummingbirds are so beautiful and amusing. But it is even more fun it you have a great place to watch them.

When my mother- and father-in-law built their dream house to retire to in Central Texas, they also built the best place I’ve ever seen for watching hummingbirds. Their two-story house had a wonderful deck across the back.

They hung hummingbird feeders every few feet along the eves. A glass wall along the breakfast room, dining room, and living room, allowed them to watch the hummingbirds feeding and squabbling, even from from indoors if them wanted to.

Or they could sit outside and watch the tiny birds up close. The humminbirds, as many as a dozen at a time, were so busy guarding their favorite feeders from other hummingbirds, and other birds, that they did not seem to mind humans watching them quietly from just a few feet away.

The house was beautiful and spectacular, but one of the best things about it was that wonderful second-floor deck that my father-in-law added on.

Now is a great time of year to build a great place to watch your own hummingbirds. You can enjoy your new viewing spot all summer and early fall. It might be as simple as an small arbor with a seat in it—or as fancy as a new balcony with french doors leading out onto it.

Here’s a tip for finding just the right materials for your project, from glass doors to new flooring or wood trim to frame the view: Buy it on line. It really isn’t much fun dragging around to showrooms and lumber yards when you could e home filling feeders and watching the birds.

You can do it at your own convenience on evenings or weekends. And the huge selections at online suppliers like BuildDirect save you time, money and patience. They make it easy to find what you want.

Online shopping is easy and safe. You can check out the vendors beforehand. For example, you can read BuildDirect reviews on topics like the trustworthiness of their website. And you can read BuildDirect’s Crunchbase page for a business profile of their company.

Be sure to take the time to plan your new hummingbird-watching haven carefully. You might want to spend a few hours relaxing on the spot with a cool drink while scouting for hummer flight patterns.

So whatever you build, send us a photo and tell us how much you are enjoying it. And have a great summer watching hummingbirds.

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Bird feeders and houses offering bird living a new dimension


Hummingbird (Photo credit: Amyn Kassam)

You provide your loved ones with complete shelter and facilities to live happily and safely. Same applies when you plan to have a pet at your place. Yes, you heard it right! You need to give the same love and care to your pets.

Nowadays, people are accepting birds as their pets. People are happy crafting bird’s hub in their backyard. You love listening beautiful and cheerful bird chirps in the morning.

Moreover, kids love to play with birds and can learn many interesting things from them. You can add many beautiful moments with your family in your backyard and would love to watch your kids playing with the birds.

However, one of the most important aspects is to provide your bird proper shelter and care. You can give them their beautiful and adorable bird house and feeder.

Birds are easy to care and you just have to clean their houses and feeders. Birds are naturally hygienic and are always preening their feathers.  So, if you are looking or quizzed about a service provider who will provide you with the finest bird houses and feeders, then you do not have to worry anymore. (more…)

Hummingbird Garden

Hummingbird Garden book

Hummingbird Garden book

In The Hummingbird Garden, bird and gardening expert Mathew Tekulsky uncovers the simple steps any gardener can take to attract and enjoy one of nature’s most beautiful creatures. He introduces the reader to hummingbird habits and reveals the regions where they live and migrate.

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Columbine (Aquilegia hybrida) FLOWER Seeds

Columbine – McKana’s Giant Mix – Aquilegia hybrida

Perennial Hybrid. Colorful perennial with long spurred flowers. This woodland species prefers rich soil and partial shade. Pack covers approximately 10 sq ft if broadcast. When plants reach 4″, thin to 12″ – 18″ apart. Keep the seeds cool and moist for 3-4 weeks to dramatically improve germination rates. Blooms second spring from seed.

Flowers: Multi-colored flowers. Blooms in summer

Attracts: Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies

Soil: Prefers rich, moist soil

Native: Europe

USDA Zone: 3-10

Planting Depth: 1/8″

Days to Germinate: 21-28 Days

Height At Maturity: 2′-3′

Sun/Shade Requirements: Shade

Water Needs: Moderate Water


‘McKana Giant’ is an extra large flowered Columbine available in a wide assortment of colors. The flowers either face outwards or are nodding. Once the perennial begins blooming flowers can be expected for 4 to 6 weeks. Removing spent flowers helps to encourage new flower growth. McKana Giants large blossoms are good for cutting, but they only last a few days once removed from the plant.

How to grow

Columbines are perfect for the middle of a sunny, moisture retentive border. They attract butterflies and bees. Columbine is also a great choice for rock gardens, naturalizing and they make beautiful accent in a bouquet of cut flowers or arrangements.

Note: Columbine seed needs to be chilled for 3 to 4 weeks before it will germinate. Place the entire seed package in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 weeks… then sow as usual.

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Hummingbirds (Readers Advance(TM) Science Readers)



Have you ever seen a bird so small that you weren’t sure that it was a bird? It was probably a hummingbird!

This nonfiction book, Hummingbirds, reveals what is unique about this tiny creature and much more! Includes a glossary of bold-faced vocabulary words, reading activities, an index of terms, and an answer key.

Reading Level: 3, Fountas and Pinnell: Level O, Interest Level: 3–6.

The Readers Advance(TM)Science, Mark Twain Media series is a perfect Common Core resource to support the development of nonfiction reading skills.

The selected science topics correspond to the most popular science topics currently being taught at each grade level.

The high-interest, informational text is leveled to the respected Fountas and Pinnell Guided Reading leveling system to ensure a young reader’s success.

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Sweet Nectar Hummingbird Porcelain Curved Lithophane Nightlight

“Sweet Nectar CURVED Porcelain Lithophane Nightlight , Our most popular Lithophane product is the plug-in night light. First invented in France in 1827, a Lithophane is a porcelain engraving that virtually comes alive when illuminated from behind! The image is created by a panel of different thicknesses of translucent, kiln-fired porcelain. A breathtakingly detailed picture in warm sepia tones emerge when lit. The small shadow in our pictures is due to photographic light and is not visible in your home. These illuminated artworks are so detailed, that they will amaze you for years to come. Our Night Lights are the perfect gift, reasonably priced and nicely gift boxed.They include history and care literature. Each panel is approx. size 3.5 inches x 4.5 inches. They are also available in other styles in our store. Some in color. UL Listed.”

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Hummingbirds – 2014 Calendar

Hummingbirds calendar for 2014

Hummingbirds calendar for 2014

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Nectar Cafe Aspen 16 Ounce Plastic Hummingbird Feeder with 4 Feeding Stations

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Homestead Hummingbird Nectar Liquid Concentrate

Homestead Hummingbird Nectar Liquid Concentrate

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Nectar the Hummingbird – Ty Beanie Babies

Nectar the Hummingbird


The smallest bird you’ll ever see
Flies as swiftly as can be
You might miss her if you blink
She moves faster than you think!

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